Why Use Blended Learning?

What is Blended Learning? It is generally defined as a model of learning combining the traditional method of teaching using an instructor with online media while allowing the student to control aspects of the education such as pace and timing. The blended learning approach is becoming extremely prevalent around the world because of its flexibility

Cultural Differences in Business

Understanding cultural differences can make a world of difference in your business Cultural differences can make communicating a challenge. Today, email is a large part of business communication. If you work with people internationally, time zones differ and it is often very difficult to find time during the work day to connect. Communication is evolving

Tips on Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock

How to deal with reverse culture shock in international assignments Culture shock is something that as an expat moving to another country, you know to prepare for. There are countless materials out there on coping with culture shock from a mission or assignment abroad, but what about returning home afterward? This journey comes with an

How Globalization Affects the Workplace

As companies reach across country borders and globalization of the workplace becomes the new norm, businesses must continually adapt to changes. Professionals must learn to communicate differently. Business processes are continually adjusted to accommodate the growing number of different cultures and nationalities that organizations work with. Companies who are evolving with this shift have a competitive advantage

Don’t Let Your Business Miss the Transcreation Trend

The market for content translation and interpreting services is rapidly growing.

Thanks to the expansion of communication and technology, it is one of the fastest rising industries in the United States. As the possibilities of the internet grow and the industry of marketing is flooded with digital outreach and web-based advertising, it is easier to reach markets that companies couldn’t dream of obtaining before the technological revolution. Today, there are very few boundaries for companies targeting foreign markets through their marketing efforts, and huge benefits to be gained from reaching out to new audiences.