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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn a new language?

That depends. 

Factors like time spent in lessons, time dedicated to e-learning exercises outside of lessons, and practicing your new language all make a huge impact on how quickly you learn. Typically, our students dedicated between 50 to 100 hours on language lessons.


Can't I just use an app to learn a language?

E-learning tools like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, and even Google Translate are great ways to supplement your language learning. However, we think customized tutoring that fits your exact use case and lifestyle is the best way to learn a language.

What if I don't like the teacher I'm assigned to?

It happens! If you don't think there's a good fit between you and your language teacher, our customer success team will match you with a new one. We have plenty of students who go the "Goldilocks" route. Your language journey is your own; finding a teacher you mesh with is imperative to your success.

Am I allowed to quit my language lessons?

You could quit, yes. We know that learning a language is hard. It takes time, dedication, and a lot of trial and error. We won't hold you hostage but will remind you of the U-Shaped Curve of learning. It gets harder before it gets easier. Our teachers are trained to work with you during your journey and remind you why you want to learn a second language in the first place. You got this.

Does Global LT offer anything other than language lessons?

We sure do! 

Our immersive and dynamic cultural experiences highlight the best humanity has to offer. We marry your interests with your language learning journey so you can learn dynamically.

Bridge cultural gaps by experiencing the diverse cultural backgrounds of people worldwide. Interact with expert guides and other learners to experience unique holiday and cultural traditions like Brazilian Carnival, Oktoberfest, Ramadan, and more. 

We understand that support is needed in a business setting, too. Our Business Training is designed to empower your workforce with skills they need - like giving presentations, learning new business customs, and managing a diverse and global workforce. 

Can I pay for language lessons out of pocket?

Yep! If your company doesn't offer language training as a benefit, we're happy to work with you to accomplish your language goals. 

Individual learners get the same treatment as corporate learners. You'll get access to GLT Engage, private or group language lessons, and cultural or business experiences. 

How do I schedule my first lesson?

Our philosophy is, "Be Human, Stay Human," starting the second you sign up for lessons with Global LT. 

You'll meet with a Customer Success coach who will identify your needs, goals, and schedule. You're then paired with a teacher specifically picked to help you succeed. 

Once you're assigned a teacher, you'll get a login to GLT Engage, Global LT's proprietary platform that allows you to schedule lessons, cancel lessons, sign up for experiences, and more. 

Does Global LT offer language lessons to children?

Absolutely! Children learn differently than adults, but our teachers tailor their lessons in a way that's age appropriate. 

A child's language learning journey may include arts and crafts, role-playing with their teacher, singing, and anything else they're interested in. 

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