Doctor in white coat holding stethoscope standing in front of an American flag to showcase language training for relocation
Language Experiences

Navigating the US Healthcare System

If you’ve just relocated to the United States for work, you might not think about finding a doctor or accessing ...

A man and woman are being served a meal by a waiter at a restaurant. They've taken a virtual language training experience to understand how to dine out in America.
Experiences Culture

What to Know About Dining Out in America

Dining out is a great way to get out of the house and explore your new home! Restaurants offer a glimpse into the ...

A baked pecan pie made during a virtual language training experience
Language Language Experiences

Sharing Language, Love, & Tradition Through Experiential Practice

There’s something really intimate about cooking with someone, especially in your own home. Imagine a group of ten ...

Global LT's founder of corporate language training and intercultural training
Experiences Language Learning

Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Global LT's Founder

This week is about stories of strength, kindness, and integrity mixed in with a few tales of shenanigans and rescued ...

Female teenager by high school lockers as she navigates a new school with her language training
Language Experiences Experiences

US High School Survival Guide for Ex-Pat Parents

High school is an exciting time in any teenager's life, but a stressful one even for kids who have grown up in the ...

Multicultural men and women laughing together as they enjoy a language training experience in person
Language Language Experiences

Laugh and Learn Through Language Experiences

I recently read an article about how when we laugh our brain releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone. This makes us ...

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