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Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Global LT's Founder

This week is about stories of strength, kindness, and integrity mixed in with a few tales of shenanigans and rescued ...

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US High School Survival Guide for Ex-Pat Parents

High school is an exciting time in any teenager's life, but a stressful one even for kids who have grown up in the ...

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Laugh and Learn Through Language Experiences

I recently read an article about how when we laugh our brain releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone. This makes us ...

Language Language Experiences

Don't Give Up Your Summer to Learn

What if you could enjoy yoga, making margaritas, doing seasonal cooking, or planning a vacation while learning a ...


Introducing Experiences After Dark!

Following the success of Virtual Experience Packages like “Language on the Move” and “Deutsch Life,” Global LT is proud ...

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Language Experiences Experiences

What’s a Language Experience?

A day in the life of a VP of Experiences & Culture Workplace conversation, margaritas, yoga, and pie, oh my! Ask me ...

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