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Speak Your Patient's Language

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Whether helping a patient schedule an appointment or discussing lab results, your patients must understand and be understood by their doctors, nurses, and administrative staff. With over 66 million people in the US who don't speak English as their first language, having live translators available is not only good for patients, it's often a requirement in some jurisdictions.

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Stay Compliant

Offering live interpretation services during doctor visits or while scheduling an appointment allows healthcare workers to stay compliant and provide clarity, which helps foster stronger client relationships. Our live interpreters are available in any language, at any time and can connect within a matter of seconds.

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Showcase Patient Inclusivity

Providing translation services for medical documents ensures accuracy and accessibility for non-native speakers, showcasing a dedication to inclusivity and comprehensive healthcare representation. By embracing these language-oriented approaches, healthcare workers elevate their professional standing and position themselves as adaptable and patient-focused in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Industry Specific Solutions

Global LT offers language training, live interpretation, and professional translation services in any language so you can enhance your patient’s experience.

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