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Global LT Teacher Spotlight: Say "Hello" to Amy!

Global LT finds and onboards the best teachers to give our students the best language learning experience. Because our ...

Language Learning Relocation

Your Core Relocation Policy Should Include Language Training

Relocating an employee internationally is a huge undertaking, and the logistics, vendor management, and supply chain ...

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Brands Shouldn't Ignore the Latino Consumer Anymore

According to the Pew Research Center, the Latino population has swelled to over 62.5 million in the United States. In ...

Interpretation and Translation Translations

Global LT Named Top Translation Provider by TechTimes.com

Global LT was recently recognized as a top translation provider by TechTimes.com. Their list of the top 5 best ...

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Can Language Tutoring Bolster Declining Employee Motivation?

Employee motivation is a crucial driver of productivity and success. A recent Bloomberg article highlighted a ...

Language Language Learning

The Benefits of Language Training for Relocating Employees

Relocating for work can be both an exciting and challenging experience. Whether it's moving to a different city, state, ...

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