Global LT's Pledge on Sustainability

Our sustainability initiative is committed to keeping language learning eco-friendly.

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We Want to Make a Meaningful Change

Why We Pledge to Make a Difference

We do not do the bare minimum.

We do not do this to check a box.

We are not too small to make an impact.

We pledge to continuously improve our sustainability initiatives and help others adopt their own.

It's Our Business to Care

  • This is Part of Our Culture

    Global LT is not an enormous company but that does not exempt us from prioritizing sustainability, nor does it mean our contribution is inconsequential. Our goal is to create a company culture that does not ask "Why bother?" but rather knows the answer to "Why not?".

  • Language Learning is Sustainable, Too

    Did you know that taking language lessons virtually helps the environment? Every hour our instructors aren't driving to homes and businesses to teach language is equivalent to 1.1 trees planted, minimizing the carbon footprint left behind.

  • Digital Materials Instead of Paper

    Teachers can make customized digital materials selections for their learners to eliminate the purchase and shipment of paper books. Many students also select to receive an online tool to supplement their language learning. By removing the paper used for textbooks, as well as the shipping costs to get those materials to students, we're taking a proactive approach to sustainable learning.

  • Virtual Learning is Better For Everyone

    If a global pandemic taught us anything, it's that we could seamlessly learn and work online. Language is no exception. Learning online means our teachers spend less time commuting, students can minimize the risk of spreading germs to others, and your organization gets the best teachers anywhere in the world. It's a win-win-win.

  • Students Get the Best Language Teachers in the World

    The best person to teach you a language may be somewhere other than your exact location. By switching to virtual lessons instead of face-to-face, we can find the best person to fit your learning needs - anywhere in the world. It also means that you can take your language lessons on the go. Your teacher is still just a click away if you're traveling or not at home.

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How You Can Help

It takes all of us working together.


Language Lessons

We pledge to continue to encourage virtual language training as the best format for learning for our students, teachers, and environment, as it eliminates commutes. Throughout the pandemic, Global LT has provided guidance and workshops on teaching virtually open to the thousands of teachers within our network to ensure they have the skills necessary to deliver an excellent level of lesson quality, regardless of the format.



As a teaching and learning organization, we are responsible for educating our colleagues about each of our policies. The goal is to modify each of our company's sustainability principles so that each individual understands why it is essential in their own lives and how they/their families can follow it.


A Sustainable Community

Wouldn't it be great to not only learn a language but help the planet AND meet like-minded people, too? It's possible with Global LT's online community where students can ask their teachers about sustainability practices in their target language.


We Practice What We Preach

We want to bring our style of sustainability initiatives to our clients at scale moving forward. We believe that though we are small compared to most of our clients, we have successfully implemented our education-focused sustainability program and that this success can be replicated and spread. We look forward to bringing our ideas to our clients and discussing how we might work together to spark more meaningful change.

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