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Innovative, Immersive, and Effective

We understand that every learner is unique, so we built our customized learning platform from the ground up to meet your individual needs and skill levels. Whether you're learning a new language for work, fun, or necessity, GLT Engage provides the right resources and challenges to maximize your learning potential.
Our platform offers relevant articles and reading materials, video modules, and interactive handouts specifically curated by your language teacher to provide an immersive learning experience, enhancing comprehension and knowledge retention.

Robust Platform Design

We built the system from scratch to be able to support any of our clients' needs. It runs directly in a browser, so it's not dependent on additional software.

The entire platform is mobile responsive, meaning it works on a variety of different devices. It's fully accessible no matter what device you're on, no matter what browser you're using.

Our cloud-based infrastructure and GDPR compliance means you can focus on learning and not worry about the security of your data.

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Fully Immersive User Experience

See all of your assignments, sessions, and your support team (teacher, relocation consultant, and learner success coach) right on the dashboard. Our teachers can send personal notes, add videos, make flashcards, and set up e-learning tool assignments so you can learn in a variety of ways.

Language Experiences applicable to your language show up on the home screen. You can also search by keyword for something you're interested in, or you can see the entire calendar of events that are coming up and find something that fits your schedule.

Joining sessions is as easy as clicking a button. Since we're not dependent on one platform for learning, you pick the one that works best for you (like Teams, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Whereby, you name it) or join using our built-in video tool. The lessons and accessibility are yours to customize. 


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Unique Language Experiences


Language Teachers


Years in Business

Ease of Use

Our platform was designed with the learner in mind. When your session is ready to join, you only have to click one button, and you're in. It's designed to be hosted directly on our platform, so you don't need to download and install other programs.

You can also track your progress in the Program Information section on the homepage. You can see how many hours you've already taken, how many are remaining, and the completion deadline for hours to be used.


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Smart Integration

  • Our platform integrates seamlessly with Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, DinoLingo, and even social media sites so your language learning is curated just for you. The dashboard offers a single sign-on, so you don't have to leave the platform to learn.

  • And if you prefer one e-learning tool over another, we can make that available to you. Our goal is to contain your language learning in one place.



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