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Business Language

Measuring the ROI of Language Learning: Confidence & Connectivity

Summary Determining that your workforce needs a language learning program is a great start to making a lasting impact ...

Webinar Date Icon Feb 28, 2024
Webinar Time Icon 05:00 PM
Man and woman arguing about language training for employee relocation while packing boxes
Language as a Benefit Relocation

The Human Side of Relo: Language & Its Impact on Relationships Resources Page

Summary Relocation is only successful when human relationships are prioritized, and any ex-pat will tell you forging ...

Webinar Date Icon Oct 4, 2023
Webinar Time Icon 01:30 PM
Two men and a woman in business attire talk about organizational training
DE&I Language as a Benefit

Create an Impactful DE&I Program: Benefit Your Employees & Bottom Line

Summary Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives aren't just a buzzword or a box to check off to remain compliant. ...

Webinar Date Icon Aug 16, 2023
Webinar Time Icon 11:00 AM
Group of men and women discuss language for learning development
Language Learning Language as a Benefit

June 2023 Webinar Resources Download

About this webinar: According to SHRM, HR leaders' top three issues are upskilling their workforce, diversity, equity, ...

Webinar Date Icon Jun 7, 2023
Webinar Time Icon 12:00 PM