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Are you an educator with a language background? You're in the right place!

Why We Created This Program

Inspired By You

We created the Greenhouse Program to bring new teachers into our network after we realized there was so much talent and passion present in some of our candidates who do not meet our "normal requirements" for being a Global LT teacher.

We believe some people were just meant to be teachers but recognize that at different points in their lives, so why not help to grow a teacher?

When we talk to fun, motivating, enthusiastic, life-changing teacher potential, we want to add that to our network however we can!

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Is This Right For You?

You might be selected for this program if you:

  • Looking For A Fresh Start

    Are a language teacher who has been working in another field for a while and needs a refresh to start teaching again.

  • Education Background In Language

    Have an education background in language (teaching certifications or language, linguistics, translation or interpretation, second language acquisition, etc.)

  • Less Than 2 Years Of Experience

    Have less than two years of experience teaching/tutoring language learners of the above.

  • The Interview

    Plus, you have an excellent interview with us!

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About the Greenhouse Program

Success Through Training



We invite you to an interview during which we will look for all the signs of a fantastic potential teacher. If we see that in you, we will invite you to join the program.



You'll learn about our Instructional Philosophy & meet with a mentor teacher from our network who will guide you through creating lesson plans.



Learn how to identify your learners’ needs, the resources to use with different learners, and how to help your students achieve their goals. You will also observe your mentor teaching a student (with the student’s permission)


Start Teaching

Once assigned your own student, you will meet with your mentor again to review your plans for their learning journey and the approach you will take.

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