Language Experiences

Language Language Experiences

Laugh and Learn Through Language Experiences

I recently read an article about how when we laugh our brain releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone. This makes us ...

Language Language Experiences

Don't Give Up Your Summer to Learn

What if you could enjoy yoga, making margaritas, doing seasonal cooking, or planning a vacation while learning a ...

Language Language Experiences

There's Power in Praise (Especially to Language Learners)

¡Muy bien! Those words can instantly boost my self-confidence. I am a language learner, but I’m a very insecure ...

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Experiences are for families, too

Last night my kitchen was filled with laughter and the most delightful aroma.   It doesn’t get any better than that, ...

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Language Experiences Experiences

What’s a Language Experience?

A day in the life of a VP of Experiences & Culture  Workplace conversation, margaritas, yoga, and pie, oh my! Ask ...

Language Experiences Experiences

It Takes a Village to Learn a Language

What do charades, soccer, hugs, water skiing, and language learning have in common?   They are all hard to do alone and ...

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