Language Experiences

Language Language Experiences

Sharing Language, Love, & Tradition Through Experiential Practice

There’s something really intimate about cooking with someone, especially in your own home. Imagine a group of ten ...

Language Experiences Language Learning

Global LT Teacher Spotlight: Say "Hello" to Amy!

Global LT finds and onboards the best teachers to give our students the best language learning experience. Because our ...

Language Experiences Experiences

US High School Survival Guide for Ex-Pat Parents

High school is an exciting time in any teenager's life, but a stressful one even for kids who have grown up in the ...

Language Language Experiences

Laugh and Learn Through Language Experiences

I recently read an article about how when we laugh our brain releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone. This makes us ...

Language Language Experiences

Don't Give Up Your Summer to Learn

What if you could enjoy yoga, making margaritas, doing seasonal cooking, or planning a vacation while learning a ...

Language Language Experiences

There's Power in Praise (Especially to Language Learners)

¡Muy bien! Those words can instantly boost my self-confidence. I am a language learner, but I’m a very insecure ...

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