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Face-to-face versus virtual language lessons – which is better?

I’ve been working remotely long before it became the norm. I haven’t stepped foot into an office since 2017, and quite ...


Introducing Experiences After Dark!

Following the success of Virtual Experience Packages like “Language on the Move” and “Deutsch Life,” Global LT is proud ...

Business Language

I'm too busy to learn a second language

I panicked when my boss asked if I wanted to take language lessons in addition to doing my full-time job.  I thought, ...

Global LT language experiences
Language Experiences Experiences

What’s a Language Experience?

A day in the life of a VP of Experiences & Culture  Workplace conversation, margaritas, yoga, and pie, oh my! Ask ...

Language Experiences Experiences

It Takes a Village to Learn a Language

What do charades, soccer, hugs, water skiing, and language learning have in common?   They are all hard to do alone and ...

Language Experiences Experiences

Vocabulary in Your Non-Native Language: Learning in the Kitchen

My own experience with cooking and language learning    I’ve always been bad at recalling kitchen words.  I like to ...

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