Language as a Benefit

DE&I Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

When Americans hear the term “DE&I,” they often think of initiatives like affirmative action, “wokeness,” and even ...

Business Language

Fostering Psychological Safety in Your Workforce

In today's diverse and multicultural workplaces, creating an environment of psychological safety is crucial for ...

Language Language Learning

Invest in Your Workforce: Retaining Talent During Record Low Unemployment

  In unprecedented labor market conditions, unemployment rates have plummeted to historic lows. As a result, ...

Language Learning Language as a Benefit

Being Bilingual Leads to Upward Career Mobility

Being bilingual can significantly enhance career mobility and open numerous opportunities in today's interconnected ...

Language Language Learning

Learning a Second Language is So Awkward

I’ve been pretty transparent about my language-learning journey. I started learning Italian a few months ago to better ...

Language Language as a Benefit

The Impact of Language and Cultural Benefits on Employee Engagement

  Why are language and cultural benefits such hot topics right now? Because they’re essential to employee happiness, ...

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