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Language Learning for Ex-Pats & International Employees

Global LT has built a network of language professionals ready to support your company anytime - anywhere.


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Bridge Language Barriers

Relocation can be tough, so developing a cost-effective relocation plan that doesn’t sacrifice quality is important. One of the biggest obstacles that expats and international employees face is language barriers, which is why Global LT offers a variety of language-based solutions for expats and international employees.

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Business Language

Language training can help employees adapt quickly, succeed in their new business environment, and embrace new cultures, all while staying connected to their team back home. By investing in language training benefits for the whole family, you’ll ensure that everyone learns the language they need to thrive in their new location.

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Industry Specific Solutions

Global LT offers language training in any language so you can ensure a smooth employee relocation.

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The Benefits of Language Training for Relocating Employees

Ensuring a successful relocation for employees can be challenging. Offering language training for relocating employees and their families can help make their jobs and home lives easier.

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International Relocations Require Language & Cultural Training

Employee relocations, especially international ones, are pivotal moments for businesses seeking to expand their global footprint. It’s a crucial career moment for the relocating employee, too. Despite the claims that full-time in-office work is dead, nearly 60% of the companies polled by Atlas Van Lines expect their relocation budgets to increase in 2023, proving that relocation is here to stay.

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Your Core Relocation Policy Should Include Language Training

Relocating an employee internationally is a huge undertaking, and the logistics, vendor management, and supply chain decisions made to make those relocations successful can be daunting to any mobility consultant unfamiliar with the benefits of language and cultural training. It’s time to make language tutoring for international relocating employees mandatory, not optional. Here's why.

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