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Button on a keyboard that says translate to help make document translation easier
Interpretation and Translation Translations

Writing Content for Global Accessibility: Tips for Translation

Creating content that can reach a global audience is essential, especially since content and ideas are shared so easily ...

A cartong of eggs with comical faces with different expressions painted on them. One of the eggs is laying outside the carton, cracked with yolk running out, and with a nervous expression
Language Language Learning

Understanding the Impact of Slang on Language Learning

If you are on your journey to mastering English or any other second language, you must have encountered some curious ...

Male travel agent sitting at his desk wearing a headset using his new bilingual skills from language training
Business Language

Travel Agents Can Reach a Wider Audience Through Language Learning

There are approximately 100,000 airplanes in the sky on any given day. Between passports, visas, itineraries, currency ...

man's hand, wearing business suit, pointing to the word, 'culture' written on a glass panel, highlighting the importance of intercultural training
Culture Cultural Training

Culture is Not a Costume: Raising Awareness Through Cultural Training

In today’s world, it is crucial to recognize and appreciate the different cultures that coexist within our global ...

Men and women in business suits posing after a conference on corporate language training for learning development
Language Language Learning

Global Expansion: Language Learning & Upskilling

The Global Skills Gap The global skills gap refers to the mismatch between the skills employers seek and the skills ...

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Language Language Learning

GLTEngage: Revolutionizing Language Learning

Global LT has been in the language training business for over 40 years. Our company was founded in 1979 and started as ...