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Close up of businessman holding digital image of brain in palm to show the power of language programs
Language Language Learning

Learning a New Language Makes You More Emotionally Intelligent

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, leaders constantly seek innovative ways to enhance employee skills and ...

Men and women wearing headsets as they prepare to provide live translation services to customers
Business Interpretation and Translation

Enhance Your Customer Experience with Live Interpretation

Effective communication is paramount with an increasing number of non-English speaking customers engaging with American ...

Ukrainian children learning English through international language programs
Language Learning Ukraine

Empowering Education Amidst Adversity: English4Ukraine

In a world rife with challenges, an innate human spirit often emerges to rise above adversity and make a difference. ...

Group of men and women around a conference table looking at a laptop. They're able to collaborate on a project because of a workplace language program.
Business Language

The Changing Landscape of Work

The workplace is undergoing a profound shift characterized by the integration of cutting-edge technology and a ...

Two grey-haired men and women look at a laptop. They are discussing the benefits of language training at an older age.
Language Language Learning

Can You Really Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Who are you calling an old dog?!?  I’m 54, but my gray hair means I’m often mistaken for someone much older.  I’ve been ...

Multi-ethnic millennial group of friends taking a group photo. They've just completed a workplace language training course.
Language Language Learning

Engaging the Gen Z Workforce Through Language Training

In today's rapidly evolving corporate landscape, one thing is sure: the younger generation is taking center stage. ...