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Female bilingual real estate agent discusses contract with couple in their native language because she took language training
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Real Estate Agents Will Make More Money if They're Bilingual

In today's globalized world, the real estate market is no longer limited by borders. International buyers actively seek ...

Two men shake hands while two women stand nearby as they close an acquisition deal which includes language training for business.
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Global Expansion: Mergers & Acquisitions Require Language Training

Mergers and acquisitions are heating up even though the global economy is cooling down. Much like the tech boom in the ...

Group of young colleagues using a laptop at the office as they discuss a workplace language training program.
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Your Post-Merger & Acquisition Playbook Must Include Language Training

Mergers and acquisitions are no small feat. They require tremendous capital, human resources, and meticulous planning ...

Woman in business suit talks into a megaphone to promote updated language training platform
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Global LT Launches Updated Learner Platform

We’ve been in the language training business for over 40 years. During that time, our company has grown into a leading ...

Businessman and businesswoman shaking hands after discussing language for learning development
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The Impact of Language Bias on Hiring & Promotion in the United States

What is Language Bias? Language bias refers to preferences or prejudices towards specific languages or dialects, ...

Woman shakes a male refugee's hand as she offers him a job as a result of language training for learning development
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Everything HR Leaders Need to Know About Hiring Refugees

In today's globalized world, businesses are continuing to recognize the value and potential of a diverse workforce. One ...