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Two men and two women sit at a table and discuss options for language training for business
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The Problem with Benefits in Corporate America: A Case for Change

As an HR leader, you know that benefits packages can make or break your company's ability to attract and retain top ...

Two men giving a high five after a great language training session
Language Language Experiences

There's Power in Praise (Especially to Language Learners)

¡Muy bien! Those words can instantly boost my self-confidence. I am a language learner, but I’m a very insecure ...

Man and woman in suits signing a contract for intercultural training
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The Benefits of Cultural Awareness in the Workplace

Cultural awareness is a crucial component of modern workplaces. As the world becomes increasingly diverse, cultural ...

Group of men and women sitting through a workplace language program
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Upskill Your Workforce with Language

In today's globalized world, the ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages has become increasingly ...

Man wearing a tie reviewing corporate language training documents for employee retention
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Language as a Benefit

As a human resources leader, you know that employee retention is crucial for maintaining a solid and productive ...

4 individuals gathers on a floating vessel on the water. They are enjoying themselves in conversation.
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Intercultural Communication for Language Learning

Relocation is not easy. I became an ex-pat 16 years ago and lived in three countries. Communication and integration are ...