Intercultural Communication Team

5 Tips to be Successful in Intercultural Communication

The importance of Intercultural Communication Business leaders will need experience engaging in intercultural communication. Working with people from different cultures and social norms have become very common. People and businesses are communicating more and more across the entire globe. Although these new connections open up many opportunities, they can also come with challenges. These intercultural

newspaper reading resource

Real-life reading resources for language learners

 When it comes to learning a language, your textbook isn’t the only reading resource you should be relying on. For most second language learners, the textbook is your main reading resource for new words, grammar, and cultural information. While textbooks can be a valuable resource to explain grammar and cultural background of a language, they

Adult Language Learner

I’m an adult. Can I really learn another language?

As an adult language learner, you might think: “It’s too late for me to learn English!” Does that sound familiar? Most people assume only kids are capable of learning another language. Well, guess what? That’s a myth we are going to bust today. It’s true that kids have greater neuroplasticity (the ability to form neural