Don't Give Up Your Summer to Learn

A mom and dad each have a daughter sitting on their shoulders, enjoying some time outside as they learn a language together as a family.

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What if you could enjoy yoga, making margaritas, doing seasonal cooking, or planning a vacation while learning a language this summer? You can!  

We often say, “You don’t have to leave your life to learn.” This is especially true in the summer months.  Whether you are traveling, in the process of relocating, or busy with family and friends, you can start or continue your language journey in ways that fit your schedule and life. Summer is the perfect time to learn and have some fun along the way, and we have a full menu of Experiences to help you do just that!  

Summer often provides opportunities to explore your new country. We offer Experiences that give you travel tips, safety guidance, destination ideas, and help you save money. As with all our Experiences, we share important information that pairs with language skills. We equip you with what you need to know to navigate transportation, dining out, and shopping during your travels. 

If you are one of our many learners who will relocate in the months ahead, we have programs for you too! We have complete series and individual sessions to meet your needs. We understand that relocating is a busy time in your life, and we focus on essential information and language skills to help you succeed in your new home. You can learn about: 

  • healthcare 
  • making social connections 
  • safety 
  • housing 
  • driving 
  • food 
  • etiquette 
  • and more! 

Take advantage of extra time with family this summer as you learn to do something fun and different! Enjoy cooking, music, art, games, or other Experiences together. We also have programs, such as our English Kids’ Club, designed to keep children engaged while they are out of school. We recognize the value of a little levity and have sessions on lighter topics such as “How to Be Funny,” “Staycations – Things to Enjoy Close to Home,” and “Summer Expressions and Idioms.” You will make memories as you learn and play as a family.  

Don’t give up your summer to learn! Our Experiences are offered at various times, and many are just 30 minutes, making it easy to fit your busy schedule. Immerse yourself in your new language in a creative and fun way in the months ahead! View our catalog of offerings or contact us to discover the perfect Experiences for you and your family.

This blog was written by Karen McDougall, VP of Experiences & Culture.

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