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Group of men and women sitting through a workplace language program
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Upskill Your Workforce with Language

In today's globalized world, the ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages has become increasingly ...

Man wearing a tie reviewing corporate language training documents for employee retention
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Language as a Benefit

As a human resources leader, you know that employee retention is crucial for maintaining a solid and productive ...

Woman wearing headphones smiling and waving at laptop during language training session
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Face-to-face versus virtual language lessons – which is better?

I’ve been working remotely long before it became the norm. I haven’t stepped foot into an office since 2017, and quite ...

Exhausted woman in an office with her hands on her face because of low employee engagement
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I'm too busy to learn a second language

I panicked when my boss asked if I wanted to take language lessons in addition to doing my full-time job. I thought, ...

Men and women in business suits around a white board discussing strategies for corporate language training

Learning a New Language Will Make You a Better Leader

I’ve worked with companies to design and deliver language training to their language training programs for over twenty ...

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