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Global LT prides itself on finding the best teachers anywhere in the world. Our teachers are passionate about what they do, knowing it makes a lasting impact on their students. This month, we spotlighted Eileen, one of our ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers.

Born in California, she spent the majority of her formative years in Connecticut, and currently resides in Simpsonville, SC. She’s a mom of two, with a background in education and psychology. She’s been teaching for 32 years and has been part of the Global LT talent network for 3 of those.

She got her start at 16 years old, teaching preschool. She also worked in the inner city of Connecticut and had a lot of students who didn’t speak English, with students coming from places like Turkey, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, and Haiti, and that’s where her interest in language and ESL started.

Eileen brought a lot of language and culture into her classroom, labeling items in the native languages of her students and working with their parents to help translate some of the classroom books. They would also sing songs from their different cultures so her students would feel like it was a community where they belonged.

During her Senior year in College, Eileen ran a group working with a diverse group of kids in foster care, teaching and doing counseling. In her 20s, she was an instructor at an Autistic School. During COVID, when schools closed, and her kids were doing virtual school lessons, she had to leave her job. Still wanting to remain active in her community, the local literacy center asked if she would teach ESL to adults.

Eileen began teaching virtually to classes of 10-14 students, from basic to advanced courses, and really enjoyed it.

“My supervisor at the time kept encouraging and complimenting me, saying that I had a good connection with the students. She’s the one who told me I should think about changing careers and getting into this full-time.”

A couple of months later, Eileen found her way to Global LT.

“I’ve been here three years now. Everyone I’ve come across – supervisors, teachers, students - everyone’s been amazing. This company provides so much support, and I love how they encourage you. It’s just amazing.”

The passion and energy Eileen brings to her work is palpable. She truly wants to make a difference in her students’ lives, and they’re also making a difference in hers.

“There’s a reciprocal nature of teaching. I’m not just teaching my students. I’ve gotten so much from them and learned a deeper understanding of different cultures, insights into their challenges, and how they’ve overcome language barriers.”

Eileen is still close to the Global LT students she’s taught, talking to them regularly and maintaining that connection. Some of her students have become her best friends, and those friendships have also extended to her children. They have pen pals in different countries, and it’s helped her kids develop empathy and gain a broader perspective of the world.

Besides being a teacher, Eileen tries to be a resource as well. Her brother-in-law is from Argentina and is an immigration lawyer in Connecticut, so she lets her students know that if they have any issues in the U.S., they can reach out. He has helped guide a couple of her students free of charge.

South Carolina recently had a hurricane head that way, and one of Eileen’s students had just moved to the area and had never experienced a hurricane before. So, for her second lesson, all she wanted to do was prepare for the hurricane. Eileen provided resources in her area and talked her through what to do and what to expect.

Eileen has also given her phone number to her school-aged students in case they need or want further help in addition to being their ESL teacher. She lets them know they can call her if they need advice or even someone to talk to.

Eileen embodies the “Be Human, Stay Human” motto of Global LT, encouraging her students to reach out when they need to and to put themselves out there to make mistakes because that’s how we all learn and grow.

Not only is Eileen appreciated by Global LT, but her students also have a lot of kind things to say about her. Here are some of the messages we’ve received about Eileen’s teaching: 

"The classes with teacher Eileen are going great. She is a great teacher and the time flies during our lessons. She is very professional and goes beyond the tasks understanding my troubles and giving options to solve them. We have a great relationship."

"We are very happy with the lessons so far. We have seen progress very fast. [My daughter] is enjoying her lessons a lot and she is very happy with her teacher."

"I can see so much success in learning English for [my daughter]. You do such a good job! It is so fun and motivating for her! You always find out her interests so well! And you always find out how to lead her in focusing while just playing, speaking and singing in such a good mix."

Let us know if you’re ready to start language lessons and experience Global LT’s talented teachers!

This post was written by Megan Tully, Marketing Manager.

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