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Fortune 100 companies often conduct language learning initiatives piecemeal, utilizing one-off programs that need more coordination and consistency. This fragmented approach can result in inefficiencies and missed opportunities for comprehensive language development. Organizations can create a structured and cohesive language learning strategy by consolidating language training through a reputable vendor, such as Global LT. This ensures a more streamlined process and offers significant insights into employees' progress and return on investment. Once employees know that language is provided in their benefits package, your organization can use those insights to make hiring, promotion, and other human-centered decisions that are best for the business overall.  

Here are a few more benefits of working with one language and culture training vendor.  

  1.  Transparency in spend. Budgets are tight as interest rates rise, so keeping an eye on every dollar going out the door is more important now than ever. Having one centralized vendor means you know exactly who in your workforce is utilizing those benefits, how they’re using their new language or culture knowledge, and how much you’re spending on language benefits. You’re probably already paying for language benefits without knowing it because they come from one-off requests from employees. Having one vendor means negotiating a better rate for lessons in bulk instead of paying a premium for individual learners.  
  2. You get one point of contact. Have a specific language or culture need? Instead of starting from scratch every time that need arises, having one vendor means you have immediate access to learning without having to go back to the drawing board. Global LT has dedicated account managers ready to get students into classes as soon as they’re ready to start learning. Having one vendor means less of a lag time between the business needs and the desired outcome.  
  3. Scalability. If one employee is learning a new language to do their job more effectively, trying to expand their sales territory internationally, or simply learning a new skill so they stay engaged on the job, chances are word is going to spread quickly that language lessons are offered as a benefit. As demand for language skills grows within your organization, being able to go back to one vendor who can do it all is the most efficient practice. Global LT is an expert in language training, intercultural training, document translations, and live interpretations. Having all of those available to your workforce when they need them is the difference between scalability and profitability and losing money because of a disengaged or defeated workforce. There isn’t a department that’s immune from needing language learning. There’s a direct correlation between learning a new language and being more successful at work, from marketing, sales, support, and more. In fact, diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions, and diverse management teams lead to 19% higher revenue. Equality in benefits matters to your workforce, and they’ll quickly notice if one person gets a language benefit, and another doesn’t. 

There are endless benefits to offering language and culture training to your workforce, most of which your employees already know and are demanding. Get ahead of the demand by working with a vendor who can customize their learning to meet business needs and outcomes.  

Let's chat if you’re interested in learning more about language lessons with Global LT. We’d love to show you how we’re different from other solutions in the marketplace today. Your employees will thank you. 

This blog post was written by Patricia Diaz, VP of Marketing.

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