The Best Way to Learn a Language is to Experience It

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Learning a language is more than just memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules – it’s an adventure that exposes you to new cultures, enhances your cognitive abilities, and fosters a deeper connection with others.

What if I told you that you could learn a new language by taking a yoga class, cooking a meal, or learning about summer? Good news – you can! With our English Language Experience classes, you can take classes that fit your interests to help keep you engaged in language learning.

What is a Language Experience?

Language Experiences are both fun and effective. They are an immersive and experiential form of learning, allowing you to connect with others while progressing in your lifelong language-learning journey. You get to use all five senses while learning, which helps you retain your target language more effectively than traditional learning.

Here are some of the most popular English language experiences.

Top English Language Experiences

  1. Welcome to the US. In this beginner class, you’ll learn what is unique to certain states, how to make the most of your language journey, and some “real English” phrases to help with day-to-day communication.
  2. Yoga for Everyone! Our yoga class focuses on revitalizing the entire body through breathwork, thoughtful movements, and beginner yoga poses. As you are guided through this class, you will learn the part of the body and many verbs in English. If you’re interested in yoga, this is a new and exciting way to learn English!
  3. 911 Emergency Services. Learn what to do in an emergency, including how to call 911 and speak to an operator to get help. Our teacher will demonstrate how to call emergency services and what to say and expect. You will also have an opportunity to practice and ask questions.
  4. Let’s Get Cooking. This class is an introduction to our cooking series. You’ll learn about U.S. measurements, how to read recipes in English, new cooking vocabulary, and more! If you like to cook, this is a great way to marry cooking and language.
  5. Summer Safety. Learn how to stay safe this summer as you enjoy new experiences and activities. You’ll learn tips on how to be safe while traveling, being outdoors, and more as you expand your English vocabulary.
  6. Secrets to Food Shopping in the US. Discover insider secrets to food shopping in the U.S. You’ll learn about grocery reward cards, store apps, wholesale clubs, and tips for saving money. Become an expert shopper!
  7. “Small Talk” Conversation Practice. Do you know how to take part in casual conversation at social gatherings? Increase your confidence and practice with other learners. You’ll get tips and be able to practice with common topics of conversation.
  8. Secrets to Saving Money in the US. Do you know some of the best ways to save money while living in the US? We do! You’ll learn how to save money on trips, clothes, household items, and other common purchases.
  9. Business Presentations: Delivering with Confidence. This class will teach you techniques to skillfully cover complex content, including abstract and specialized topics, and deliver clear and precise presentations to the toughest audiences. You will also learn how to respond to challenging questions from audience members.
  10. Secrets to Driving in the US. Driving in the US can feel challenging. In this class, you’ll learn basic rules, tips, and information to help you secure a driver’s license. You’ll also pick up some new vocabulary and idioms along the way.

That’s just a small sampling of the Language Experience courses we offer for English learners. We also have packages available if you want to spend time really focusing on a topic. Some of our popular package options include:

  • New Business English Series – Success in the Workplace
  • Summer Cooking Series
  • Secrets to Everyday Life in the US
  • Confident Communication in English – Reading, Writing, and Speaking
  • US Accents and Pronunciation Series

Learning a new language goes beyond just meeting with your language instructor once a week. If there’s something that you already do in your daily life that you enjoy, you can pair that with language learning to help you retain information and enjoy the process!

Want to learn more about our language experiences? Let us know!

This blog post was written by Megan Tully, Marketing Manager.

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