Language as a Benefit

International business people clapping at a conference on corporate language training
Language Diversity and Inclusion

What’s Inclusive Language Training?

Effective communication is key to fostering collaboration and maintaining a harmonious work environment for companies ...

Man in business suit laying head on desk due to lack of employee engagement
Language Language Learning

Language Training Can Save You Millions in Employee Disengagement Costs

The last few years have been a wild ride for corporate America. First, there was quiet quitting, the Great Resignation, ...

Woman in suitcoat discussing corporate language training options with her team
Language Language Learning

Here’s How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Language Training

Having an accent, not finding the right words on the fly, or even crafting an email can be overwhelming for non-native ...

Men and women attending a lecture on language training for business
Language Language Learning

What Do Language Proficiency Levels Really Tell Us About Learning?

There is no question that offering your workforce language tutoring will positively impact employee retention, ...

Business man pointing to transparent board with the word
Language Language Learning

Stop Wasting Money on Employee Language Benefits

Fortune 100 companies often conduct language learning initiatives piecemeal, utilizing one-off programs that need more ...

Two girls telling each other secrets with slang learned through language training
Language Language Learning

Understanding the Impact of Slang on Language Learning

If you are on your journey to mastering English or any other second language, you must have encountered some curious ...

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