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Hands holding a green plant that's shaped like arrow, indicating the importance of language training for immigrants.
Language Language Learning

Immigrants are Vital to the US Economy. Here's Why

Immigrants have been a vital part of the United States’ history and continue to play a crucial role in shaping its ...

Woman who does intercultural training and language training smiling
Language Language Learning

Global LT Teacher Spotlight: Say "Hello" and “Nǐ hǎo” to Virginia!

This month, we’re focusing on one of our Unicorn Teachers. Meet Virginia Cutchin. She’s been with Global LT as an ...

Doctor in white coat holding stethoscope standing in front of an American flag to showcase language training for relocation
Language Experiences

Navigating the US Healthcare System

If you’ve just relocated to the United States for work, you might not think about finding a doctor or accessing ...

Smiling female with glasses who teaches language training
Language Language Learning

Global LT Teacher Spotlight: Say “Hello” to Maria!

New month, new teacher spotlight! This month, we’re focusing on Maria, an English teacher at Global LT. Maria currently ...

Young woman against a pink background, holding up a fist feeling happy and triumphant
Language Language Learning

8 Tips for Language-Learning Success

Learning a new language is hard, I won’t sugarcoat that. Think back on the language you grew up learning – it took you ...

Woman sitting down, relaxed on the couch. She is getting ready to watch a TV show in another language to help her learn as part of her language training.
Language Language Learning

Ready to learn a new language? Turn on the TV

I know someone who learned English by watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. He was already watching it in his native ...