Global LT Language Experiences

Learn a language while doing something you love

What's a Language Experience?

Gain confidence and proficiency in your target language while doing something you love! Global LT Language Experiences are an immersive and experiential form of learning, allowing you to connect with others while progressing in your lifelong language-learning journey. You get to use all five senses while learning, which helps you retain your target language more effectively than traditional learning.

These fun and exciting events are available in multiple languages for children, adults, and families and are developed with the following five language learning goals in mind: Communication, Community, Comparisons, Connections, and Culture.

How do we do this? By listening to what students need the most. We offer experiences that people actually need to thrive in their day-to-day lives. From business-oriented classes to family-friendly experiences, our focus is to help you succeed anywhere in the world.

Experiences by Language

Some of Our Most Popular Experiences

Other Languages Available by Request



⋅How to be Funny in English
⋅English Pronunciation
⋅Secrets to Saving Money in the US
⋅American Business Culture



⋅Netherlands National Pastime: Complaining About the Weather
⋅Road Signs in the Netherlands
⋅Dutch Idioms and Proverbs
⋅Saving Money in the Netherlands



⋅10 Things You Need to Know as a Beginner Spanish Student
⋅Spanish in Technology
⋅Similarities and Differences Between Spanish Speaking Countries



⋅Portuguese in the Office
⋅Portuguese Pronunciation
⋅Brazilian Foods
⋅Going to the Doctor in Brazil



⋅Japanese Body Language
⋅How to Say "No" in Japan
⋅Chopstick Etiquette in Japan
⋅Japanese Pop Culture



⋅Tips for Traveling in China
⋅Dos and Don'ts in China
⋅Tea Culture in China
⋅Chinese Traditional Leisure Activities



⋅Swiss Words You Don't Learn in German Class
⋅Road Signs & Driving in Germany
⋅FIDE Test Introduction
⋅All About German, Swiss, and Austrian Food



⋅L 'Apéritif – Hosting the French Way!
⋅French Events That Shaped Europe
⋅Dos and Don'ts of French Food
⋅French Wine Tasting


"I want to express my gratitude for the very special afternoon learning Chinese cooking."   -Robson

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"Thanks for the information! Learning a language, doing other activities is a great way to add fun and authenticity into learning. I was positively surprised that Global LT offers those events and glad to know them"  -Anonymous
"The art event was a lot of fun. I loved it and Ms. White made me feel like I am a better artist than I actually am. I can't wait for the next one!"   -Miles, 9 years old
"The teacher was so enthusiastic and encouraged everyone to get involved. Overall, this experience was invigorating and exciting."  -Juanita
jimmy-dean-my1mDMraGf0-unsplash (1)-1-1
"We have enjoyed every event so much, thanks for promoting your culture in this way."  -Ravi
"We're very happy to be involved in the webinars. My son loves music and both the teacher and songs are adorable. I think it is an amazing opportunity to speak and practice English while sharing some good quality time together, mommy and son."  -Riffka



Communicate more effectively in a variety of situations through interacting and sharing information with others.



Collaborate while interacting with multilingual communities across the globalized world.



Acquire the language functions necessary to develop personal and professional relationships.



Interact with people of diverse cultures and gain a diverse understanding of the world we live in.

Meet Fabi & Miguel - Global LT Spanish Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register and join an Experience?

Registering & Joining Experiences in GLT Engage

If you're a current Global LT language student, you'll see a list of all Experiences you're eligible to join in your GLT Engage dashboard! There are no downloads or 3rd party apps to worry about - all you have to do is log into GLT Engage and click "join" when your Experience is starting, and you're all set! 

How many hours are deducted for Global LT Language Experiences?

The hours deducted are equivalent to the length of the class. For example, you will be charged 1 hour for a Language Experience that is an hour long.

Are Global LT Language Experiences recorded?

Global LT Language Experiences are typically not recorded. In the event that an experience will be recorded, the participant will be informed and must grant permission.

What is your cancellation policy?

Global LT requires a 48-hour cancellation notice. In other words, we refund for cancellations but are not able to do so if the cancellation is within 48 hours of the Language Experience.

Do I have to have my camera on during an experience?

We encourage participants to turn on their video and microphone for the best language-learning experience. Seeing everyone's faces encourages authentic dialogue and feedback and we want participants to get the most out of their time.