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Group of multicultural men and women meeting virtually for language experiences

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A day in the life of a VP of Experiences & Culture 

Workplace conversation, margaritas, yoga, and pie, oh my! Ask me about my day; this is probably what I'll tell you I did (or some variation of it!). Tomorrow, I can tell you the secrets to living in Amsterdam, what you need to know about foods in Germany, or how much I LOVE what happens when a group of mothers get together and help each other navigate everyday life in the US. 
I should explain why my days are filled with such adventure.  I lead our Experiences Program, and these are just a few examples of what we offer. Our unique Experiences are designed for learners to gain proficiency in their target language while doing something they love or learning about something important as it actually relates to their lives.  They are interactive and social, allowing participants to connect with other learners. 
Activities include yoga, cooking, baking, crafts, cocktails, holiday celebrations, and dancing. Our students don’t have to leave their life to learn; we bring their favorite activities to them in their new language.  We offer special conversation groups on business management, parenthood, current events, small talk, and social conversation for those wanting to practice speaking.  Most of our students are ex-pats adjusting to life in their new language and home.  We have beneficial sessions on topics that matter most, such as healthcare, safety, food, shopping, transportation, schools, and making social connections.

Our Experiences check all the essential boxes for language learning.  They are immersive, experiential, and interactive, but our learners love them because they make them feel – empowered, confident, and accomplished. These hour-long sessions marry the best parts of learning: they’re fun, but they introduce language and phrases that help a language learner retain new information. 

Our Experience program is three years 'new' but 40 years in the making.  We partner with our experienced, charismatic, kind, and compassionate teachers who know and understand the needs of our learners so well.   Our teachers help us plan and develop sessions that are important for a student’s everyday life and are fun!  The human element is the center of all we do.  We create a supportive and safe environment so participants can relax, enjoy and learn!   
We offer Experiences in 9 languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian.  Would you like to know more?  I would love to meet you and help you find the perfect Experiences for your language adventure. 

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