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What's An Experience?

Let's Celebrate Diversity

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Great for team building, cultural training, and DE&I initiatives. We bring culture to your workforce in a respectful, celebratory, and engaging way.

Experiences Bring Language & Culture to Life

  • DE&I & Cultural Training

    Managing a remote and global workforce is now the norm. Our DE&I and cultural training helps HR leaders, L&D, and People Ops professionals connect with their workforce in an appropriate and celebratory way. Honor and learn about holidays like Ramadan, Lunar New Year, and Summer Solstice (and more!). These experiences marry language and group participation authentically and interactively.

  • Group Excursions

    Group Outings are the newest and most fun way to learn a language or practice conversational skills. Group Outings combine instructor-led lessons paired with an activity in your local area. Group experiences allow learners to improve their language skills even more in various ways.

  • Business Experiences

    Join other language learners for a special series to help anyone succeed in their job and thrive in the workplace. This particular series is designed for intermediate and advanced learners. This flexible program includes sessions on leadership and management, workplace conversation practice, a writing workshop, and a webinar on business presentation skills.

  • Language On the Move

    This unique program is for students preparing to move internationally. Programs are offered for learners moving to the United States, France, Germany, and more. They include experiences like banking, food delivery, and buying or renting a home in your new location. Students have unlimited access to an online community where they can receive valuable information about everyday living, have their questions answered, and connect with other ex-pats.

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Experiences are great for families, too!

Global LT offers engaging experiences for the whole family, from toddlers to teenagers. Classes include "Mommy & Me," "Music & Movement," and everything in between.


What Students Have to Say

Yoga Experience
Female yoga instructor with hands together and smiling

The yoga class was just PERFECT! Teacher Teresa is so good at yoga and very kind to the students! – English Yoga

German Cooking Experience
Loving father helping his son cut vegetables in the kitchen

What fun it was to spend time learning German and feel the challenge elevated as we continued through the experience. Our teacher had a way of encouraging which left me feeling accomplished in the end. – German Cooking Experience

Spanish Phrases Experience
Group of people learning Spanish as a foreign language in Spain

This event was really good and helpful for daily use for me. This was very interactive and I really enjoyed it. Really engaging and our teacher did a great job! – Spanish Phrases

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