DE&I Language as a Benefit Cultural Training

How to Create an Impactful DE&I Program: Benefit Your Employees & Your Bottom Line

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives aren't just a buzzword or a box to check off to remain compliant. It's time to shift the narrative from "compliance and regulatory requirements" to "work should be fair and equitable for everyone." Employees don't leave jobs when they feel heard, understood, and supported. The US is amid record-low unemployment, and ensuring that everyone has a voice and a valuable contribution to their work, regardless of their ethnicity, cultural background, or sexual preference is the difference between being seen as forward-thinking or going the way of Blockbuster or Kodak. 

Your organization likely already has the tools to implement meaningful change, including modifying existing policies to foster a culture of inclusivity and acceptance.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to create a DE&I program that includes language training that decreases bias in your organization
  • How small teams with limited budgets can create a DE&I program that their workforce finds meaningful
  • How to create a DE&I program that goes beyond just making a policy or more paperwork for your HR team

This webinar is perfect for HR leaders, C-Suite executives, and people managers committed to creating a culturally diverse workforce to retain and engage employees and create a meaningful work environment.

aparna cropped
Aparna Rae

Aparna Rae is a multi-startup founder committed to data-driven workplace equity and inclusion.

She's the Founder of Moving Beyond, a startup building solutions to solve complex DE&I and People challenges using real-time Employee Voice & Impact data, experiential e-learning, and an innovative lab approach grounded in human-centered design.

Before Moving Beyond, she grew Firki, India's first online teacher education platform supporting teachers in 10 states, and in 2019 she launched Future for Us, a platform to advance women of color at work, and grew a professional community of 20,000.

Sam headshot
Sam Sanders

Sam is an experienced senior human resource professional with expertise in people/project management, executive coaching, leadership development, and employee relations case management.

He has an extensive background in functional components of HR, with competencies in DE&I, Compensation & Benefits, Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations, and Employee Communications. With an MBA from the University of Chicago and an SHRM-CP designation, Sam is adept at creating sustainable solutions for Human Resources' most critical issues.

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