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The Human Side of Relo Language and its Impact on Relationships

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Relocation is only successful when human relationships are prioritized, and any ex-pat will tell you forging new relationships in a new location is hard (especially if they don't speak the language). 

Language and culture training are often a box to check during the relocation process, but they make a huge impact on the relocating employee's success - both at work and at home. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why language and culture training are so vital to the success of a relocating employee 
  • How the mobility industry will change as the global working landscape changes 
  • How compassion from relo consultants can make or break a move 

This webinar is perfect for anyone in the global mobility industry, including Relocation Consultants, Supply Chain, Immigration Specialists, and International Support Specialists. 

We think language changes lives and want you to experience Global LT's unique second-language acquisition approach.

If you attend the session and ask a question that gets answered by one of our panelists, you'll be entered to win ten free language tutoring sessions. You pick the language; we'll pick your virtual teacher. See you there! 

Merrill Headshot
Merrill Markiewicz

Merrill is currently a Global Mobility Consultant at General Motors, but her experience in the relocation industry began when she was an expat in Japan on her husband’s assignment.

Merrill’s time spent studying and traveling abroad and then working in different roles throughout the mobility industry have made her keenly aware of how to provide the best customer experience for the transferees at GM.

Jessie Headshot
Jessica Miller

Jessie is Global LT's VP of Learning Operations and understands the value of language training for relocating employees better than anyone.

With a graduate degree in Linguistics and being a former language teacher, Jessie has used her extensive language knowledge to transform learners' lives through RMCs and direct clients.

Heather Headshot
Heather Jamison

Heather is Global LT's VP of Customer Success, and with over 20 years in the relocation management industry, she knows global mobility better than anyone.

Heather currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Relocation Council (MiRC) and is a current member of ERC.

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