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Why Intercultural Training?

In today's business world, Global LT recognizes it is a necessity to work and interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Whether it be to help you avoid culture shock when moving to another country or improve your professional relationships through clear communication, we are here to provide you with the essential skills to work successfully with any culture.


  • Promotes clear lines of communication and better relationships

  • Improves organization, productivity, and efficiency

  • Accelerates the confidence and comfort of expatriates and their families in new environments

  • Ensures return on investment for international growth initiatives

Why invest in cultural diversity for your employees?

Companies that provide cultural training have lower turnover rates and higher employee satisfaction rates.

Society for Human Resource Management

Nearly 90% of managers said that better cross-border communication would improve the bottom line.


Diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by 35%.



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    "The training was very helpful. Prior to my current assignment, I had already spent quite a bit of time in the Netherlands and I did not initially think that this training would help. That being said, I did learn quite a bit and I think that it will help me be a better manager over here." - Regional Director of Manufacturing, Frangrance

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    "Helen did an exceptional job tailoring the training to my needs and working around my busy schedule. Very seldom have I experienced such relevant and extremely useful training." - Spouse, Chrysler

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    "This class was the best interactive class ever. The trainer made this class exciting, fun, and learning was easy. Ricardo N. gave us perspectives from both the American and Mexican perspectives, and sometimes other cultures. Easy to follow, and would recommend this class to anyone." - Employee, Cummins

Intercultural Training Roadmaps

Course Information

Living and Working Successfully in Your Destination Country

Global LT's "Living and Working Successfully" courses allow expatriate individuals and their families to understand their destination country's culture and business practices. This course will help assignees more readily adjust to the work style and culture of an international assignment destination.


Capitalizing on the International Experience: Repatriation

Global LT's courses on Repatriation successfully allow repatriating individuals and their families to adjust more easily to a return to their home country, explore ways to transfer the knowledge and experience gained abroad back to their home life, and plan on how to manage the return and re-entry process to their home country.


Working Effectively Across Cultures

Global LT's course on Working Effectively Across Cultures focuses on business scenarios through the lens of a Model of Culture. It is designed to support the needs of those working in corporations with a global reach. Our course will help you understand what motivates your international business associates, understand which behaviors you may need to adapt to create a positive impression with international colleagues, and learn techniques to improve awareness of different cultural styles.


Working Effectively with Your Destination Country

Global LT's courses on working effectively with your destination country will give you a better understanding of which behaviors are necessary to adapt to create a positive impression, how to avoid unintentional offense, and how to interpret and adapt to the mindset of business people in your destination country.


Doing Business Successfully in Your Destination Country

Our "Doing Business" courses assist you in developing strategies for working and doing business with your destination country through practical advice and business solutions from our experts. After this course, you will understand the people, how their national identity developed through history, what motivates them, and how to create a positive impression and avoid a negative one.


Leading and Working in High-Performing Multi-Cultural Teams

Global LT's course on Leading and Working in High-Performing Multi-Cultural Teams explores the challenges of working, communicating, and resolving conflict amongst teams with members of multicultural backgrounds. Throughout this course, you will learn practical strategies to overcome these challenges and capitalize on the wealth of perspectives to increase performance.


Leading and Working in High-Performing Virtual Global Teams

Global LT's course on Leading and Working in High-Performing Virtual Global Teams explores strategies and tools to drive results from a distance. Learn how to increase engagement and create highly productive virtual teams by developing the skills needed to collaborate effectively in a virtual environment.


Language and Culture Daily Essentials

Global LT's Language and Culture Daily Essentials is a survival program that provides the rewarding experience of navigating the culture of a new country while conquering the new language. Basic language skills are built within the context of the culture, increasing confidence in the handling of everyday life situations.

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Intercultural Training Advantages

Along with Global LT's cultural competency programs and training, our intercultural students may be provided with Country Navigator™, an online tool to help them work effectively across cultures.


  • Cultural assessment and profiling tool

  • 30+ cultural business topics

  • Cultural video guides

  • 100+ country guides

  • Smartphone app

  • Guided learning paths for global teams

  • Live country news updates

  • Interactive quizzes

  • National holiday alerts

  • Travel guides

  • Intercultural communications strategies

  • Superior support packages

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