Enterprise Language Training

Whether you're planning for global expansion or want to better develop your staff, Global LT offers world class language training solutions for your teams.


Language for Learning & Development


1-1 Language Lessons

Our teachers customize lessons to fit each learner's needs, whether it's to be conversational or fluent in a business-specific language.


Group Lessons

If your workforce needs to learn a new language, we customize language learning to fit a group setting.


Virtual Learning

Borders don't exist with our language teachers. We find the best teachers anywhere so that you can learn anywhere.


In-Person Lessons

Does your organization need face-to-face learning? We'll find the right teacher in the right place.


Customizable Language Learning

We offer programs for children, advanced business language learners, accent reduction, language immersion programs, language testing, and more.



Learning doesn't just happen in a classroom. Your teams can take learning on the go with e-learning programs like Rosetta Stone and Duolingo.

Language & Culture Solutions

Global LT's language & cultural training programs help employees and their families learn the language and get settled.

  • Language Experiences

    Virtual language experiences take place in small groups and allow learners to put their language skills into practice. learned.

  • Business Experiences

    Do your employees need to give business presentations in their non-native language? Our custom programs help teams learn business culture so that everyone can thrive in the workplace.

  • Expatriate Experiences

    Learning a new culture and a new country can be daunting. Whether moving to the US, Europe, or Asia, we have experiences that bring relocating expats' new home to life.


Language Solutions To Build Better, Richer Teams

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A Learner Centric Ecosystem

Learning goes beyond lessons

Teacher Relationship

  • Learner paired with a teacher ideal for them
  • Designs custom learning journey
  • Connects language to learner's life
  • Teaches more than language
  • Relationships strengthen motivation, which drives utilization


  • In-app virtual learning classroom
  • Monitor benefits, progress, and key contacts
  • Schedule, launch, and take lessons and experiences
  • Connected with top e-learning tools
  • Organize custom self-paced practice resources, tools, and lesson notes

Experiential Practice

  • Practice with teachers and peers in a safe space
  • Do something you care about together
  • Authentic interactions
  • Take your skills into the wild
  • Feel successful and confident


Languages Offered


Number of Language Hours Taught each year


Words Translated

Virtual Language & Cultural Experiences

Our language experiences are changing the way inclusion can grow in global organizations. Learn about the holidays and cultural celebrations that make your workforce unique in an appropriate and honorary way. They're interactive and engaging!

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What Our Teachers & Students are Saying

Our product is our people, and they kinda like us!

Global LT Teacher

"Global LT provides a robust instructional framework and flexibility for teachers to individualize curriculum based on student's goals and needs. They are also accommodating in terms of assignments and scheduling. They also provide more professional development programs and resources than other professional tutoring companies I've worked for." Samantha, Global LT Language Teacher

Careers at Global LT
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"We have always enjoyed our lessons with our Global LT teacher. She is a caring and insightful teacher. For example, the exercises and activities she uses with my husband are different from those she uses with me - as they should be as we learn differently. Many teachers follow a curriculum without regard to the student's need - but not her."~ Sandra, Language Student - France

Language Services
Global LT Brazilian Teacher

"Global LT does an excellent job of matching clients with teachers. Client Service Consultants are usually very accessible to the teachers. I really like that! Global LT has an excellent group of people who will give you suggestions and advice for working with ESL students. I also like how they pay you on time - what they say they will do, they do." - James, Global LT Language Teacher

Careers at Global LT

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