Introducing Experiences After Dark!

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Following the success of Virtual Experience Packages like “Language on the Move” and “Deutsch Life,” Global LT is proud to announce a new package.  

Our Experience packages have been developed to meet the needs of learners in specific demographics.  Whether you’re moving to America or to Germany; and whether you’re learning to shop in an unfamiliar country or understand new holidays—we have the experience to help you in your new circumstances.
Our teachers are not only experts in language, but they also possess an irresistible charm and charisma that will make your heart skip a beat. Whether you're learning Spanish with the tantalizing Javier in his kitchen or practicing French with the captivating Marie lounging on a chaise lounge, you'll be completely enraptured by their sensual and alluring presence.

 But wait, you may be asking yourself, "Could Virtual Experience really release something this sexy?" Well, we hate to disappoint, but Language After Dark is just a playful prank for April Fool's Day. We apologize if we got your hopes up, but we couldn't resist the opportunity to add a little bit of fun and romance to our product line.
Don't worry, we still offer a wide range of effective and engaging language-learning resources that will help you achieve your language-learning goals. We hope you enjoyed our little joke and the chance to indulge in a fantasy or two. Thank you for being a part of the Virtual Experience community, and happy language learning!

For legal reasons, this is a joke. But if you're interested in browsing our catalog of real experiences, you can view them here.

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