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Capitalizing on the International Experience: Repatriation

Global LT’s courses on Repatriation and Reverse Culture Shock course successfully allows repatriating individuals and their families to adjust more easily to a return to their home country, explore ways to transfer the knowledge and experience gained abroad back to their home life, and plan on how to manage the return and re-entry process to their home country.

Each of Global LT’s individual Cross-Cultural Training courses includes access to the online Country Navigator™ tool which provides students with comprehensive cultural and business information designed to increase competitive advantage in today’s global business environment. Country Navigator™ helps you to understand your own cultural preferences across your Interaction Style, Thinking Style, and Sense of Self, and how these impact your work.

You should take this course if:

• You or your family are returning to your home country from an international assignment
• You or your family wish to make your repatriation as simple as possible
• You are ending an international assignment and want to know how to easily manage the repatriation process

Delivery Methods

• Face-to-face, worldwide* – 1 session, 1 day (8 hours)
• Trainer-led virtual* – 2 sessions, ½ day (4 hours) each

Overview of course content

• Reverse cultural shock
• Coping with change
• Returning to the workplace
• Inventory of new knowledge and skills acquired through the expatriate experience
• Strategies to maximize the results of the experience
• Home country updates

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