Language & Culture Packages

Global LT Language & Culture Packages Are Tailored To The Needs Of Your Employees and Your Business Goals

Language Training as Unique as Your Workforce

There's no one-size-fits-all with language. Everyone's needs are different, learning styles are different, and goals are different. That's why we created language packages that will have your workforce engaged, happy, and successful - anywhere in the world.

In a poll of over 6,000 international professionals, 95% said they'd like to see their organization offer language learning.

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So Many Reasons To Learn

Language Helps...


Advance Your Career

Learning a new language can broaden your professional opportunities within your company.


Improve Your Skills

Improve communication with international colleagues and demonstrate cultural competence.


Boost Your Confidence

Successfully speaking a new language can provide a sense of accomplishment and boost confidence.


Enhance Decision Making

Bilingual individuals have been shown to have better cognitive flexibility and creative problem-solving skills.


Connect You To The World

Proficiency in another language can deepen your understanding of other cultures and foster cross-cultural connections.


Sharpen Your Mind

Multilingualism can enhance memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.

Most Popular

Global Speak+

1-1 language tutoring

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Most Popular

Global Speak Pro

Language tutoring for groups up to 10 learners

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Most Popular

Global Culture+

Bring the best cultural experiences to your workforce without leaving the country!

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Custom Packages

You pick the outcome; we deliver the learning.

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Available Add-ons

Build A Plan For Your Specific Needs

  • e-Learning Tools

    asynchronous resources

  • Assessment

    Standardized Or Custom

  • Instructor office hours

    Individual or Group

  • Custom course format

    Personalize Plans To Fit Your learning Style

  • Custom Curriculum & Materials

    Handpicked Resources for Your Unique Needs

  • Content-specific workshops/webinars

    Created For Your Objectives: Content That Clicks

  • Experiences

    GLT's suite of virtual experiences, facilitated conversation tables/coffee breaks

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