Meet our Language & Cultural Experience Teachers!

amiraAmira E. (Arabic)

Amira is a friendly, personable Arabic language instructor who has dedicated the past decade to teaching children and adults! She is a English Language and Translation Institute graduate and conducts various conversational classes. She also has experience as a freelance English-to-Arabic translator.

hine (3)-1Amy B. (English)

Amy is down-to-earth, fun, and a wealth of knowledge! From Reston, Virginia just outside of Washington D.C., she has been teaching English for over 26 years. Although her most rewarding job is being a mom of three, she loves teaching because of the lifelong relationships she has developed with so many of her students. When she is not teaching, she enjoys cooking (hint: you will often find her whipping up something tasty in a Global LT cooking experience!), crafts, traveling, and watching sports. She is truly a kid at heart and loves everything Disney.

hine (4)-1Anne K. (Korean)

Anne is a friendly and knowledgeable Korean language instructor with over 20 years of experience! She enjoys passing along her knowledge to expats and foreigners and is a certified Korean teacher recognized by the Korean government. She even used to write a column about the Korean language and culture in the magazine, "Eloquence!"

hine (5)-1Andre R. (Portuguese)

André Rosa is a friendly and educated Portuguese language instructor from Brazil and lives in Sao Paulo. He has a master’s degree in education and has been teaching language for 10 years! During this time, he has had great experiences working with students of 20 different nationalities. During his lessons, he likes to talk about the Portuguese language from a cultural point of view, referring to the history, music, geography, and culture of his country. He has a passion for teaching and loves to share it with his students.

hine (6)Anne-Charlotte A. (Swedish)

Anne-Charlotte is a wonderful, knowledgeable, and experienced teacher who has taught the Swedish language for over 45 years to students of over 100 nationalities! She lives in Stockholm yet has visited 36 countries and lived in various parts of Sweden in the past. Not only is she an amazing teacher, but also a talented writer having published “Swedish at Work” in 2019 which includes everything you need to know about Sweden and daily life. She is currently completing a book on world history and various cultures that already has 1.5 million readers on Quora! As if that is not enough, she also has 5 European languages under her belt. When not teaching or writing, Anne-Charlotte is busy painting, renovating, recycling, and doing design work.

hine (7)Antje C. (German)

Antje is passionate about teaching German and truly believes that learning a language can be so much fun! She was born and raised in Germany, yet also lived in Brazil, England, and various states in the United States. She has taught German for many years and her students enjoy her friendly and encouraging nature. She hopes to see you in an experience soon!

hine (8)Autumn T. (English)

Autumn is a vibrant and energetic teacher who has taught ESL for over 10 years in Italy, Germany, and Brazil. She graduated from Georgetown University where she studied Linguistics and English as a Second Language teaching. Whether she is teaching young children or adults, her students are fond of her patient and outgoing personality.

hine (9)Avarin L. (Thai)

Avarin is a Thai/British linguist who is passionate about teaching and learning new things. Some of the things her students love most about her are that she is friendly, adaptable, and very knowledgeable. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and being active.

hine (10)Cécile B. (French)

Cécile was born in France, yet is very cultured having lived in the Middle East and Africa for many years. Because of this, she is extremely well-tempered and welcoming. She loves teaching the French language and helping her students converse about many diverse topics from good food to good wine, wildlife to animal loving, and about their everyday life and the specifics of their "new home." When it comes to learning French with  Cécile, every topic has the potential for a language-learning experience!

hine (11)Charity G. (English)

Charity is highly professional and enjoys teaching English to international students and their families. As a poet and writer from Northeast Ohio, she has taught a variety of composition, literature, and creative writing classes to multiple universities in addition to language training. Students often compliment her friendly and polite demeanor. When not writing or teaching, she enjoys singing with various choral groups.

hine (12)Corrie G. (English)

Corrie started teaching English 3 years ago – but she is not new to teaching! She was previously a music teacher and later graduated with her master's degree from LCC International University in TESOL. Her time living abroad in Lithuania with her family gave her a love for other cultures and for helping people work past language barriers. Students love her for her fun and sweet demeanor. When she is not teaching, she is busy as a wife and mother, and enjoys crafts, music, and sports!

hine (13)Daria O. (Czech)

Daria is a passionate, invested linguist and translator with 7 languages under her belt: Czech, Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, and Danish! With over 15 years of experience teaching, she enjoys passing along her knowledge to those who really need it: her students. According to Daria, there is no better feeling than to see her students succeed in their studies. In her free time, she loves to learn language and improve her current knowledge, study nutrition science, work out, and read books. She believes there should be a strong mind in a strong body. When she has the chance, she also loves to travel and learn about new cultures.

hine (14)Delphine V. (French)

Delphine is often told that she is extremely "French" by her Dutch husband! Students love her friendly personality and they are able to relate with her as she and her family lived in Morocco for over 7 years as expats before moving back to France. Professionally, she started her career as an advertising manager for daily newspapers from around the world before going back to her first love: the French language. She has now been teaching French for over 10 years and loves sharing her French culture with others.

hine (15)Elisabeth B. (German)

Elisabeth is originally from Germany yet moved to Switzerland over 30 years ago. This is helpful to her students because she is very acquainted with what it is like to be an expat! Her main purpose and focus is to help her students integrate and make the best out of their lives in Switzerland. She is incredibly friendly and helps her students feel at ease during lessons.

hine (16)Fabiola B. (Spanish)

Fabi is from Mendoza, Argentina, and has been a certified teacher of English and Spanish as second languages for almost 20 years! She loves traveling and living in different parts of the globe so she has the chance to meet people from other cultures, religions, and stories. She is extremely enthusiastic, charismatic, and passionate about her work. Through Fabi's unique and fun method of teaching, learning Spanish is no longer a pressure or obligation, but rather a meaningful and enjoyable activity.

hine (17)Gary J. (French)

Searching for someone to brighten your day while learning a language and cooking French cuisine? Look no further and join a French cooking experience with our cheerful and talented chef, Gary! From Guadeloupe, a French island in the Caribbean Sea, Gary brings his unique knowledge of languages and civilization to his students. He loves the history and culture of the French language, and is also passionate about French cuisine! For Gary, cooking is sharing. That's why he leads virtual language & and culinary workshops and hopes to see you soon in his kitchen!

hine (18)Gene H. (Mandarin)

Gene is a friendly and knowledgeable Mandarin language and cultural instructor with over 15 years of experience! Through his teachings and work experience, he discovered early in his career that knowing how to speak Mandarin does not necessarily mean that one knows what to say in Mandarin. This is why his students love and appreciate his style of teaching as he has a rare talent for explaining complex cross-cultural issues when it comes to Western civilization and Chinese business. To positively impact an increasingly divided world between the country of his birth (USA) and ancestry (China), he hosts meetup events and podcasts, creates training programs, writes books, and teaches Mandarin experiences at Global LT!

hine (19)Genna Beth D. (English)

Genna Beth Davidson is a high-energy professional puppeteer, designer, fabricator, and all-around theatre artist. She graduated from the University of Connecticut’s Puppet Arts program in 2022. Prior to graduate school, she lived and worked in Washington, DC where she co-founded Wit’s End Puppets. She now lives and works in both NYC and the DC region where she freelances her many skills including offering puppetry craft and performance workshops for all ages to foster connection, creativity, and empathy.

hine (20)Gimena U. (Spanish)

Gimena is a warm, vibrant, and charismatic Spanish language teacher who loves learning about different languages and cultures through her students! Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gimena obtained her teaching degree and later moved to the US where she started teaching Spanish to adults and children. She genuinely cares about her students and wants them to have fun and be comfortable while learning Spanish. As a language learner herself, she knows how intimidating and stressful this can be which is why she creates such a fun and relaxed environment in her classes. In her free time, Gimena loves dancing, movies, cooking, and baking, so it is no surprise that you will often find her teaching something fun like a Spanish cooking or dancing experience!

hine (21)Gloria A. (Spanish)

Gloria is a fun, friendly, and personable Spanish language instructor from Cádiz, Spain. From a very young age, she fell in love with the culture of her country and started dancing Flamenco when she was only 3 years old! In 2015, she earned her degree in Philology and later continued her education in Madrid where she obtained a master’s degree in Spanish as a Second Language. Discover her passion for language and dance by joining her in a Global LT Language Experience!

hine (22)John W. (English)

John is a friendly and knowledgeable certified foreign language teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching ESL and Spanish! He has studied and worked in several countries including Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. In fact, he met his Brazilian wife in Argentina and married her in Brazil. Besides his native language English, he is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. He enjoys working out, playing basketball with his twin teenage boys, and traveling with his family. In addition, he is passionate about sports, and loves reading and foreign languages. John loves teaching ESL as it gives him the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and not only teach them English, but also how to thrive in the USA. 

hine (23)Kari K. (English)

Kari is friendly and creative and has taught several baking classes when she lived in China as well as a virtual baking class after returning to the USA. One of Kari's favorite things is to bake a variety of things from scratch - especially cookies, cakes, and pies! One of her specialties is themed birthday cakes for her kids, including Finding Nemo, a castle, a dinosaur, and an army tank.

hine (24)Karin B. (Portuguese)

Karin is a wonderful and knowledgeable Portuguese language instructor with a degree in Pedagogy, Languages, and Foreign Trade. She has been teaching Portuguese for six years and her students love her kind and supportive nature. On a personal note, she loves arts, science, animals, martial arts, technology, languages, and business. When she is not teaching, you may find her practicing kickboxing, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, or playing with her five dogs. As if that is not impressive enough, she is currently learning Korean!

hine (25)Kartini A. (Malay)

Kartini is a friendly and experienced Malay language teacher from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! She is passionate about teaching language and enjoys introducing Malaysian culture and customs to her students. When Kartini is not teaching, she enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures and traditions with her husband and two children.

hine (26)Kelly M. (English)

Kelly is a friendly, dedicated, and experienced language instructor with former experience as a principal and educator for over 37 years. She has taught all levels: elementary, middle, and high school, and has a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. Whether she is teaching adults or children, her students appreciate the wealth of knowledge she is able to pass on about US school systems.

hine (27)Kristopher K. (English)

Kris is a friendly, well-spoken language instructor who has been teaching for over 22 years! He loves every minute of it and is very supportive when it comes to his students. Having worked in several nonprofit leadership and executive roles over the past 18 years, most of his work has been in international humanitarian aid and immigrant/refugee care. He is an ordained Methodist minister and loves teaching, public speaking, food, and making silver jewelry. He is a decent cook and has offended people on four different continents with his terrible karaoke skills.

hine (28)Leo S. (Cantonese)

Leo is an experienced English and Cantonese language instructor with over 6 years of experience! He has attained a Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, and teaching qualification license. His students appreciate his teaching style as he first builds a strong, solid foundation in the grammar of the language and then applies those theories to daily scenarios and conversations. He also prioritizes student-teacher interactions by providing questions to gauge understanding before moving on to a new topic. 

hine (29)Lily H. (Cantonese)

Lily is a passionate and experienced Cantonese tutor. With a deep love for the language and a strong cultural connection, Lily brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every lesson. Her patient and engaging teaching style creates a supportive learning environment, tailored to each student's needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your Cantonese skills, Lily is dedicated to helping you master this beautiful language and embrace the richness of Cantonese culture.

hine (30)Margot L. (French)

Margot is from southwest France and has over 7 years of teaching experience in addition to being an intercultural psychologist! She knows firsthand the challenges of being an expat as she has lived in several countries across the world and is well-traveled. Passionate and empathetic, she knows how to create a safe, dynamic, and friendly atmosphere in her virtual classroom. Her teaching style will make everyone feel at ease. In addition to teaching, Margot is an animal lover who enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

hine (31)Mari D. (Japanese)

Mari is a fun and friendly native of Japan who has been offering Japanese and English language and culture training to ex-pats and their families in the Nashville area for 15 years. She holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Arizona, where she proudly supports their sports teams (Go Cats!) Mari had the opportunity to travel worldwide for a year with Up with People, an international educational youth organization. Her five favorite hobbies are coffee, cooking, photography, beach, and stargazing.

hine (32)Mashy M. (Malay)

Mashy is a friendly and experienced Bahasa Malaysia / Malay language instructor with over 25 years of experience teaching corporate employees! She has conducted various communication trainings for multinational companies and loves meeting new people so she can share her knowledge of her beautiful language. When Mashy is not teaching, she is most likely traveling or being active as she loves outdoor activities!

hine (33)Michaela M. (German)

Michaela is a friendly and warm German native with experiences in France and the US! She has been providing German, English, and French language training for over 30 years to business professionals and their families, helping them learn with ease and fun. Besides language classes, Michaela is a certified PhotoReading instructor and also a certified Forest Bathing facilitator. She also facilitates cultural training classes and excels in tailoring her teachings to each student’s individual learning style. When she is not teaching, you can find Michaela reading, walking, observing nature, or guiding visitors through her historic city!

hine (34)Michaela R. (German)

Michaela is a calming, cheerful, and polite teacher who has taught German as a Foreign Language for over 23 years! She specializes in professional and technical German, and is also a trainer for intercultural management and a teacher trainer for the Goethe–Institut. As a facilitator for international and intercultural exchange, she also moderates the "Café Goethe", the Goethe-Institut's virtual get-together, where on a monthly basis German teachers all over the world can exchange information, advice, and materials.

hine (35)Miguel C. (Spanish)

Miguel is a warm, relaxed language instructor who has been teaching Spanish since 2009! With a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, he naturally enjoys teaching, learning new languages, and working with students from different countries and cultures. Although Miguel is the teacher, he honestly believes he is the one who truly learns from his student's life experiences and is fascinated with how much changes in life when learning a new language. In his spare time, he enjoys walking, enjoying nature, and traveling so he can explore other cultures.

hine (36)Miguelina K. (French)

Miguelina is very professional and knowledgeable, and has been teaching French at Global-LT since 2019. She's passionate about piano, figure skating, and especially languages! She prides herself on showing her students that there is so much more to the French language than its many grammar rules and exceptions.

hine (37)Miriam D. (French)

Miriam is a dynamic, joyful French language instructor who enjoys traveling so she can discover new habits and cultures! She loves her country, France, and thoroughly enjoys teaching and helping develop others. She is passionate about language, fitness, yoga, and even providing life guidance to her students.

hine (38)Miriam S. (German & Polish)

Miriam is a warm, friendly, and patient Polish and German language instructor at Global LT! She also works in early childhood development and education, so she is great with both adults and children. She is deeply interested in all areas of personal development throughout life and enjoys bringing this important information to her students.

hine (39)Rachel S. (English)

Rachel is an easy-going, positive, and dynamic English language instructor with over 10 years of experience! Her students love her as she strives to provide excellent language instruction while coaching, supporting, and challenging her students to achieve their goals. More than teaching, she loves to learn from others' stories, languages, cultures, and life wisdom. She enjoys interacting with people and loves to connect individuals to resources, networks, programs, and people they may need to be successful. 

hine (40)Rawi T. (Thai)

Rawi is an authentic and supportive Thai language and cultural teacher and started her career facilitating cultural learning for the US Peace Corps in Thailand in 1991! She has organized and taught language lessons for many years. You will often find her leading one of our language and cooking experiences as she found her love of cooking through her family restaurant. 

hine (41)Retini D. (English)

Retini is very loved by her students due to her kind and polite nature and has been teaching English for over 25 years. When not in the classroom, you can often find her in the kitchen doing one of her favorite hobbies: cooking! According to Retini, she learned her talent from one of the best teachers in the world – her mother! She enjoys cooking all kinds of dishes from all around the world and is excited to share her recipes with her students.

hine (42)Robyn G. (English)

Robyn is an experienced ESL instructor and has taught language for many years to students from different countries, cultures, and educational backgrounds. She is extremely knowledgeable as she is also a college consultant and has a BA in English and a M.S. Ed. in Guidance Counseling.

hine (43)Safie N. (French)

Safie is a warm, friendly language instructor who has been teaching French for over 15 years! She enjoys getting to know students from many different cultures and helping them achieve their personal goals. With an Executive MBA, she has lived and worked in several different countries. She loves learning new languages (speaking 3 and a half as she has started learning a new language herself!) as well as photography, cooking, and walking. 

hine (44)Shannon C. (English)

Shannon is a warm, encouraging, and playful language instructor who loves facilitating game nights with students! She has two mottos when teaching language: there is no such thing as a dumb question and if at first you don’t succeed, reflect, and try again! When she is not teaching, she enjoys baking, reading, and experiencing something new!

hine (45)Simona S. (Italian)

Simona is a friendly, personable Italian language teacher from Seregno, a small town in Brianza north of Milan. With a Master's Degree in Political Science and over 20 years of experience working for various companies, Simona decided to dedicate herself to her real passion: teaching Italian. She now has Ditals I and Ditals II certifications, is married with two kids, and has a small dog who is a language mascot for her students, Luna. In her free time,  Simona loves gardening, cooking, and experiencing new recipes. When she is not trekking with her husband and Luna around Italy, you may find her immersed in reading historical novels in her lake home.

hine (46)Sophy Z. (Mandarin)

Sophy (Yifei) is a lovely and enthusiastic teacher who loves to create intriguing lessons with immersive and interactive learning. Since being an art and language mentor in the Gifted and Talented Children Program in a local junior school in Sydney, her efforts have been anchored in encouraging and engaging students to enjoy and be more interactive with her in class while spontaneously achieving learning objectives. Helping others achieve their own progress and harvest happiness is also her happiness in teaching. As an artist and musician, she loves doing Chinese traditional calligraphy, singing, and voice acting, with well-produced art and music albums designed and posted.

hine (47)Steve L. (English)

With over 12 years of experience helping international professionals and their families relocate to the US, Steve is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the English language for business and day-to-day communication. His students love the well-thought-out structure of his lessons and they are able to relate easily with him as he has lived in or traveled to 42 countries on 5 continents, including bicycle trips in Asia, Europe, and Canada. When Steve is not teaching, he is spending time with his wife and 2 dogs in east Tennessee, where they enjoy hiking, cooking, and organic gardening. 

hine (48)Suzanne D. (Dutch)

Suzanne is warm and friendly, and lives in the Netherlands teaching Dutch and English to expats and their families! In addition to teaching, she is also a language coach and translator with over 15 years of experience. When Suzanne is not working, she enjoys spending time in nature, traveling the world, and shooting pictures. She also enjoys walking, bike rides, watching movies/tv series, and food!

hine (49)Taeko S. (Japanese)

Taeko was born and raised in Japan and came to the U.S. at age 23. She has a bachelor’s degree in Japanese and a master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), so she teaches both Japanese and English. Her students love her warm and friendly nature which helps them feel at ease during lessons. She enjoys teaching as well as learning different languages and understands some Chinese and Spanish.

hine (50)Teresa W. (English)

Teresa is a calm and inviting English language instructor from a seaside village in Southern California, Carlsbad. She is extremely knowledgeable and began her English language teaching career in 1999 at an international school in New York City located near the United Nations. One year, there were thirty-five different languages in the school! Along with teaching English, she has been practicing yoga for the past 25 years and believes that being a part of a community is vital to a happy and healthy life. 

hine (51)Thomas B. (French)

From the charming city of Le Mans in France to the bustling metropolises of Ireland and Australia, Thomas has traversed the globe honing his skills as a Certified Language Teacher for over a decade in French secondary schools and Albert Park College, Melbourne. Thomas' passion for language and education extends beyond the classroom. As a published author and game mechanic designer, he explores innovative ways to make learning engaging and effective. Thomas believes in the transformative power of education and the importance of nurturing a lifelong love of learning and he is proud to be a co-founder of The Ways 2 Teach, a bilingual digital publishing company he created with his wife. Together, they are raising three multilingual children and exploring the world with them.

hine (52)Vincent S. (Dutch)

Vincent is a kind, friendly, and personable Dutch language teacher with over 10 years of experience at Global LT! Holding an MA from the Free University Amsterdam, Vincent has been teaching since 1990 and enjoys a wide range of students from 5-year-olds to CEOs, each requiring their own unique approach.  He strongly believes in the educational value of comics for both kids and grown-ups and considers Hergé‘s TinTin to be literature. Vincent hopes to finish his novel within the next few years, and on Sundays, you can find him on the soccer field as a referee.

hine (53)Violet Z. (Mandarin)

Violet Zhang (Zhang Yi) is a friendly and pleasant Mandarin language instructor with over 11 years of experience teaching. She holds her Masters of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language with a focus on adults from Beijing Language and Culture University. Violet is fluent in English and Spanish. Her own experience of language learning allows her to understand the struggle of her students and guide them through the journey. Having worked with university students and businessmen all over the world, plus her 4 years’ experience teaching overseas (Canada and Spain), Violet has gained a unique perspective on intercultural communication. This makes it possible for her to better assist her students to gain a better understanding of cultural differences. Violet is also a certified tea critic.

hine (54)Yuan X. (Mandarin)

Yuan is a professional Mandarin teacher with over 8 years of teaching experience. Throughout her teaching career, Yuan has already taught Mandarin to students in more than 30 countries! Having taught Mandarin in China, Hungary, and Britain, Yuan now lives in Canada. She enjoys teaching and is very strong at encouraging students. She also loves to cook as it allows her to express and share her creativity in the kitchen!


"We're very happy to be involved in the webinars. My son loves music and both the teacher and songs are adorable. I think it is an amazing opportunity to speak and practice English while sharing some good quality time together, mommy and son."


hine (1)

"I want to express my gratitude for the very special afternoon learning Chinese cooking."


hine (2)-1

"Thanks for the information! Learning a language, doing other activities is a great way to add fun and authenticity into learning. I was positively surprised that Global LT offers those events and glad to know them."


hine (3)

"The art event was a lot of fun. I loved it and Ms. White made me feel like I am a better artist than I actually am. I can't wait for the next one!"

-Miles, 9 years old

hine (4)

"The teacher was so enthusiastic and encouraged everyone to get involved. Overall, this experience was invigorating and exciting."


hine (5)

"We have enjoyed every event so much, thanks for promoting your culture this way."