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Language and Culture Daily Essentials

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Language and Culture Daily Essentials

Global LT’s Language and Culture Daily Essentials is a survival program that provides the rewarding experience of navigating the culture of a new country while conquering the new language. Basic language skills are built within the context of the culture, increasing confidence in the handling of everyday life situations. Some examples of what you may learn are expressions used in grocery shopping, what to expect from markets and stores in your new location, how to describe simple health concerns to a doctor or a basic understanding of the healthcare system.

You should take this course if:

• You or your family are about to relocate to your destination country for business
• You or your family have recently relocated to your destination country for work
• You travel often internationally for business or pleasure

Delivery Methods – 10 hour “Business Culture” or 25 hour “General Culture” programs:

• Face-to-face* – 90 minute sessions
• Trainer-led virtual* – 90 minute sessions
*With self paced online tool

Overview of course content

• Language essentials for daily living
• Culture essentials for daily living

Find out how we can help you navigate the language and culture of a new country

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