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Headquartered in Troy, MI, Global LT provides Language Training, Cross-Cultural Training including Diversity and Inclusion, Destination and Relocation Services, Translation and Interpretation for expatriates, international assignees and businesses of all types. We have provided exceptional service to our customers since 1979, we are a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and our unique business model brings together leading global expertise, resources, and technology, enabling our customers to improve turnaround time, save money, and increase revenue through a single resource for multiple global solutions.

Our corporate language training programs are offered in a variety of flexible formats to empower you or your employees with the proficiency and fluency needed to be successful in over 60 languages, anytime and anywhere in the world.

From internal needs, to customer meetings, to localizing legal documents required for Expatriates, our integrated approach to interpretation, voice-over, and translation services takes into account the localization and cultural nuances required to deliver a consistent message.

GLT has successfully assisted individuals and families throughout the demanding process of an international relocation, to ensure that each employee’s relocation experience benefits your company for years to come.

Whether enabling an Expat move, supporting global projects, or increasing the productivity and understanding of multicultural groups, our culture and diversity and inclusion programs will ensure that employees can communicate effectively.

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