Our years of providing destination services have given us a clear understanding of the challenges of living and working abroad.

We are your experts in international relocations.

Pre-Departure Services

Our Destination Service Consultants provide you with all the support you need for a successful international relocation. Including Home Finding Services, Area Orientations, and School Finding Services.

Settling-In Services

We have the knowledge and experience to get you settled into your new location quickly. From assistance with banking and utilities to furniture selection to community orientations.

Post-Departure Services

Don’t let the end of your international assignment become a hassle. We can help with lease review, home sale, utility close-out, and more!

Repatriation Services

Time for you to go home? We can help minimize reverse culture shock with our Repatriation Training Programs. 

Destination Services

Highest Level Service

Concierge-level relocation services for individuals or families. A high-touch, personalized approach to corporate relocations. Attentive and prompt customer service at all times.

Proven Expertise

Global LT has focused on assisting in international relocations for over 40 years. Our qualified and experienced team of Coordinators, Destination Service Consultants, and Real Estate Professionals assist individuals and families throughout the demanding process of an international move.

Customized Services

We customize all of our expatriate programs to ensure the program meets the needs and policies of our client company, as well as making relocation a positive experience for each family member.

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