By drawing on a vast network of experienced voice-over professionals worldwide, we offer voice-over and media translations that cover everything from multilingual training videos, to radio and television spots, to corporate announcements. Our voice-over solutions can be tailored to your unique requirements to deliver your message consistently every time.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Voice-Over, Subtitling, and Post Editing Services

Foreign Language Scripting/Voice-Overs

Audio/Video Transcription

Subtitling/Multilingual Closed Captioning

Over 60 Languages

Global LT’s voice-over services are offered in almost any language in the world.

Centralized Services

Global LT provides a single corporate source for multiple global solutions.

Flexible Scheduling

We provide access to voice-over talent any time, anywhere.

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What can we offer you?

Global LT offers native speaking voice-over talent worldwide. Our talents have professional training and experience and their work is screened for quality. We have the ability to translate and localize your messaging, perform audio and video editing, and deliver your script in multiple languages. This includes, but is not limited to video presentations, e-learning, voice interfaces, advertisements, broadcasts, telephone systems, apps & kiosks, documentaries, and commercials.


How are we different?

With over 37 years of providing multi-lingual language solutions worldwide, Global LT provides male and female voice talents for nearly every language. Each client works with a single project manager for outstanding customer service. Our client review process allows you to audit and approve all voice-overs, while our post-editing assistance also ensures a final product that exceeds your expectations. We have studio options, but you can also use your own.