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Translation and Interpretation

Is your message clear to a global audience?

In today’s global economy, a company’s ability to communicate effectively internally and externally is essential. However, doing so can be exponentially more challenging when you are taking an original message and trying to convey that message in another language.

Translation, interpretation and voice-over services can take your messaging worldwide.

Global LT has spent several decades supporting our clients’ communication initiatives including:

  • Translation and desktop publishing services for marketing brochures, technical manuals, and press releases
  • Media and website translation
  • Consecutive interpretation for client meetings
  • Voice-over for web-based learning modules
  • Translation of corporate messaging, policies and procedures, or employee newsletters
  • Simultaneous interpretation for global conferences
  • Over-the-phone interpretation
  • Voice-over of media or training videos

The Global LT approach to Translation services:

As a worldwide leader in language, our translation approach takes into account the localization and cultural nuances that can impact a corporate message. Thanks to our global network of professional linguists, interpreters, translators, bilingual editors and designers, we are able to provide clients with:

  •  Foreign language expertise and resources in any language
  •  Native-speaking translation professionals located all over the world
  •  Cultural consultants for branding or global messaging
  •  Glossary development services
  •  A dedicated bilingual project manager to answer your questions, offer advice and assist with cultural questions through all phases of a project

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