Adult Language Learner

I’m an adult. Can I really learn another language?

As an adult language learner, you might think: “It’s too late for me to learn English!” Does that sound familiar? Most people assume only kids are capable of learning another language. Well, guess what? That’s a myth we are going to bust today. It’s true that kids have greater neuroplasticity (the ability to form neural


Get the language training you need to excel!Start Today! What We Can Do In-Person Instructor-Led Face-to-face lessons with an instructor are the fastest, most effective way to learn a language. Because you get personalized instruction and a curriculum specific to your goals, you will learn faster. We are the experts in face-to-face lessons. Virtual Instructor-Led

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Blended Learning vs. Traditional Learning: Five Key Differences

Blended Learning vs. Traditional Learning: Five Key Differences What is Blending Learning? Blended learning is a blend of different learning modes and materials coordinated to help learners meet their own educational goals and objectives more effectively than learning in traditional environments. Blended learning combines the best aspects of online and instructor-led learning and is provided

The Benefits of Learning a New Language

The Benefits of Learning a New Language

It is no secret that learning a new language requires a lot of time and dedication. However, many people would agree that the personal, professional and health benefits of learning a new language outweigh the necessary cost of time and effort.

Personal Benefits

A Sense of Achievement and Self-confidence

Learning a new language is an extremely satisfying achievement that anyone can be proud of. Mastering a new language has been shown to facilitate the development of other cognitive and social skills as well. With the development of linguistic, cognitive and social skills, your self-confidence is sure to increase as well.

Enhanced Travel Experiences

Ludwig Wittgenstein, an Austrian philosopher, is quoted for saying “the limits of your language are the limits of your world.” Speaking a second language gives you the ability to communicate within a larger community both locally and abroad. Knowing more than one language can also greatly enhance your travel experiences since you will be able to communicate with more of the people you encounter around the world.

Improved Understanding of the World