Adult Language Learner

I’m an adult. Can I really learn another language?

As an adult language learner, you might think: “It’s too late for me to learn English!” Does that sound familiar? Most people assume only kids are capable of learning another language. Well, guess what? That’s a myth we are going to bust today. It’s true that kids have greater neuroplasticity (the ability to form neural


Get the language training you need to excel!Start Today! What We Can Do In-Person Instructor-Led Face-to-face lessons with an instructor are the fastest, most effective way to learn a language. Because you get personalized instruction and a curriculum specific to your goals, you will learn faster. We are the experts in face-to-face lessons. Virtual Instructor-Led

How Do Language Training Companies Choose Instructors?

The approach to teacher selection can make or break your language journey. If you or your organization are looking for corporate language training, you have probably come across many different providers. Each of these companies has different programs and processes. Which achieve different learning results. Whether you are looking for face to face in-person or

Global LT, Inc. wins multiple awards at the 2016 ERC Conference in Washington D.C.

Global LT, Inc. is delighted to announce that we received multiple awards at this year’s ERC Conference in Washington D.C. Paragon Relocation announced their 2016 Paragon Supplier Partner Award winners at a special reception held to recognize exceptional service provided by the company’s supplier partner network. Global LT received an award for achieving excellent supplier

Global LT Announces Executive Changes

TROY, Mich. (July 6, 2014)-  Global LT today announced changes in its executive ranks, as part of a continued strategy to strengthen its leadership within the relocation, training and translation sector. The following executive changes, among others, are effective July 6, 2014: Tom Hanson has been promoted to President of Global LT.  Mr. Hanson was