Why Use Blended Learning?

What is Blended Learning? It is generally defined as a model of learning combining the traditional method of teaching using an instructor with online media while allowing the student to control aspects of the education such as pace and timing. The blended learning approach is becoming extremely prevalent around the world because of its flexibility

Blended Learning vs. Traditional Learning: Five Key Differences

Blended Learning vs. Traditional Learning: Five Key Differences What is Blending Learning? Blended learning is a blend of different learning modes and materials coordinated to help learners meet their own educational goals and objectives more effectively than learning in traditional environments. Blended learning combines the best aspects of online and instructor-led learning and is provided


Elements of an Effective Blended Language Learning Approach

By Eric Aasheim, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Global LT

Trying to learn a foreign language without the full benefits of an integrated blended training program is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube with one hand tied behind your back. You may eventually succeed but not without unnecessary frustration and delay, not to mention a powerful temptation to give up along the way.

At a minimum, blended language training programs should provide customized, instructor-led language training via face-to-face and a virtual classroom platform that is aligned with the scope and sequence of a self-paced online language training program.

The integration of the instructor-led approach with the e-learning programs provides the necessary level of engagement and accountability to help ensure a successful language learning experience for relocating employees and family members. Since most employees and busy family members only have time for one or two language lessons per week, the addition of the integrated self-paced online program is necessary to provide the opportunity for critical daily practice in between the scheduled lessons with an instructor.