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Why the voice talent you choose matters

As technology improves and people are connecting more online, marketing strategies evolve as well. Consumers are attracted to convenience, so companies are beginning to look for paperless alternatives such as media and online content. More platforms are promoting online video, and videos are becoming a way for businesses to communicate. Businesses are beginning to create content that will attract and engage their target audience. A great example of this is the rise in short online marketing videos created to explain products or services called “explainer videos”. According to Voice Over Herald, explainer videos are a valuable tool for many companies looking to improve their marketing and business strategy.

Explainer videos:

  1. Improve SEO and online presence because they are more likely to pop up in a search engine.
  2. Increase conversion rates by up to 65% when placed on the homepage of websites.
  3. Decrease bounce rate by encouraging visitors to spend time watching the embedded explainer video.
  4. Improve click-through rate because emails with video content are more likely to be opened.

These improvements help drive the ROI of a marketing video used as online content. To gain the highest return on a video, international businesses must consider how voice-over content can help expand its reach to relevant markets. Although the video content is extremely important, the audio quality of speech in any language is just as critical. The voice actor must reflect the personality of your business while keeping your marketing message consistent. This ensures that the content will effectively boost ROI in foreign markets.

You must make sure that you are hiring a company that uses experienced, certified voice talent. There is much more to voice work than simply sounding good. Trained voice talents have knowledge of basic components of vocals such as clarity, fluency, rate, pitch, and volume. They can also match the style of each project appropriately.

Radio or Television commercials

A persuasive and experienced speaker must be hired for commercials. The speaker must be aware of the dynamics necessary to project the correct message to the target audience, no matter the language.

Web Presentations and Explainer videos

For each voice-over in a different language, the voice talent must keep the speech informative and engaging for the audience. Voice talent work needs to keep a viewers’ full attention from the beginning to the end.

Long-Form Narration

With documentaries, training films, and other types of Long-Form Narration, keeping the audience’s attention can be difficult and nearly impossible without a skilled speaker. Articulation and pronunciation are key factors in the success of these projects. Professional voice talent delivers the skills necessary to accomplish this.

Professional voice-over services do not solely benefit large companies. Small or start-up businesses can use them to reach a specific target audience. No matter the project, quality is the most important factor of a voice-over recording. Whether this means using high-quality recording equipment, trained voice actors, or an experienced post-editing team, the quality of the product must be a high priority to capture the highest return on investment.

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