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Who We Are

Headquartered in Troy, MI, Global LT provides Corporate Language Training, Cross-Cultural Training, Destination and Relocation Services, Translation and Interpretation for expatriates, international assignees and businesses of all types. We have provided exceptional service to our customers since 1979, we are a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and our unique business model brings together leading global expertise, resources, and technology, enabling our customers to improve turnaround time, save money, and increase revenue through a single resource for multiple global solutions.

What We Do

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Language Training

Global LT’s language training programs allow learners to reach their goal language proficiency level through instructor-led lessons, self-paced methods, or a combination of both. Lessons focus on real-life, task-based learning scenarios, which provides superior learning outcomes for language learners.

Cross-Cultural Training

Global LT’s cross-cultural training programs allow learners to gain the cultural competence necessary to excel in an international marketplace. Unlike other cultural training providers, each of our programs is tailored to the learners’ needs, based on country, language, or job requirements, and instructors are hand-selected for students by our expert Client Service Consultants.



Global LT’s translation services allow you to increase the scale, visibility, and impact of your communication efforts. Our translations cover everything from personal documents to multi-language websites, and unlike many translation providers, we use native speakers and a 6-step quality process which ensures your translation is accurate.

Destination Services

Global LT’s destination services allow international assignees and their families to relocate to their new location guided by our expert consultants. We know that international relocations don’t come cheap – for your sanity or your employer’s checkbook. Our extensive experience has given us a clear understanding of the challenges of living abroad and working abroad.

Relocating Family

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