Language Learning: A Tailored Solution that Works!

Language Learning: A Tailored Solution that Works!

Many companies invest in professional development in the workplace. They understand the value of such an investment in allowing them to secure a competitive edge in a globalized marketplace.

Communication is recognized as one key factor for success in the global marketplace. Thus, professional development should not neglect the nurture and support of all aspects of communication, both locally and across the globe. This is a primary reason why companies across the globe invest in foreign language learning for their employees.

When considering language learning options, a company will want to examine the most efficient and effective way to learn a language. Is it better to have employees go to a local school or use a service that provides a private tutor and delivers tailored lessons based on each employee’s goals, objectives and learning style?

A local school will offer a set schedule of classes, which might interfere with an employee’s work schedule. Moreover, traditional language classes are not tailored to the learner and therefore, might not meet the company’s or employee’s language learning expectations since the classes frequently consist mainly of rote learning of vocabulary and grammar rules, with little time devoted to conversational skills.

Although many learners are accustomed to learning in a traditional classroom setting, this option usually lacks the flexibility and customization needed for a busy professional. Though on the surface, local schools appear more cost-effective, the fixed schedule, set curriculum and rigid set of learning goals can limit the overall usefulness of the training for the learner’s professional and practical needs and thus, lead to wasted resources for the company.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, a company will make a better investment by working with a private language service that provides tailored learning solutions. Such personalized programs are generally available anywhere, any time and match every learner’s language learning goals. This is possible because every learner receives a tailored solution designed around individual goals and learning style, which are discussed and shared with their assigned personal tutor during an initial assessment.

Private instructors hold lessons at a convenient time and location for the learner, whether that be at the learner’s home or office or via a virtual platform. Class schedules are not rigid. If the employee needs to change his or her schedule due to unexpected meetings or business travel, instructors can accommodate such changes so that learners won’t miss the class, or they can make up missed time later.

Another benefit to tailored language learning is that time is not wasted covering material that the learner does not need or that is above or below their level. Learning happens at the learner’s own pace with consideration to the learner’s own unique learning style. With one-on-one instruction, the employee gets 100% of the instructor’s attention and expertise. Whenever a question arises or something is not clear, the instructor can actually stop and work with the learner to ensure that understanding and learning take place before moving on to new material.

When choosing between a local language school and a tailored individual language learning solution, the decision is easy. Tailored individual language learning is more time efficient, convenient and tailored to fit an individual’s needs, learning rate, style and goals. Though it may appear more expensive at first, a tailored program relevant to the employee’s and company’s goals produces better results and is ultimately a better use of company resources.

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