We draw on a vast network of experienced interpreters worldwide to offer interpretation solutions that cover everything from internal meetings, to customer presentations, to large conferences. Our interpretation solutions can be tailored to your unique requirements to deliver your message consistently every time.

Over 60 Languages!

Global LT’s interpretation services are offered in almost any language in the world.

Centralized Account Management

Global LT provides a single corporate source for multiple global solutions.

Flexible Access to Interpreters

Our services can provide access to interpreters any time, anywhere.

Human Interpreters

We always use native speaking, human interpreters.



Sign or Gesture


Over the Phone/Telephonic


Virtual or Remote Interpretation Options

 Shares the voice of a live interpreter (human) via the web from anywhere in the world. Remote Interpretation can translate what is spoken in a room, webinar, web conference system, video chat, or on a telephone. If you have two people speaking face-to-face in different languages that need to communicate, this is the ideal solution for you.


On-Demand Phone Interpretation

Get high-quality, confidential telephone interpretation. It’s effective and convenient. With a pay-as-you-go option to suit to your needs.

On-Demand Phone Interpretation supports communication between 2 or more parties where language barriers exist. Accessible through any phone and with an extremely fast connection (usually less than 2 minutes), our telephone interpretation is available in more than 200 languages, in any time zone, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.