In today’s global workplace, intercultural training is no longer a perk – it’s a requirement!

What We Can Do

Country Specific

Country-specific programs give you an awareness of the culture of a country you are moving to or working with. These programs can be presented in multiple languages, in any location, for any location.

Business Group

Designed for business groups or individuals who interact with colleagues, customers, partners or suppliers from other countries. These programs are customized based on your needs.


Our programs support employees and their families as they transition into their new country. These courses are country-specific and are available in a variety of formats.


Training for those who lead, manage, or mentor multi-cultural or international teams. Learn how to be the most effective leader you can be with our training programs.

Global LT’s highly experienced cultural experts help build the skills and strategies employees and their families need for successful international assignments or to teach businesses the keys to success in a global market. Our Intercultural Training programs are customized to specifically address each company or assignee’s unique requirements. This tailored and individualized approach ensures that awareness of cultural differences and knowledge of other cultures will ultimately drive business goals and increase productivity in a global market.

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Global LT’s intercultural training courses are tailored to your specific needs. Our culture programs help students understand cultural differences, business styles, various communication styles, and more. Give your employees the cultural competence necessary to drive global business or make their international assignment a success.