How to be Competitive in an International Job Market

Brush up on soft skills.

Be aware of how you are perceived by others, and learn how to tailor your responses to different people. Know that interactions vary based on cultural differences, so work on being flexible and adaptable to different situations and people. Be a good listener – you can pick up on important cues when you are focused and open.

Recognize cultural nuances.

Coworkers from certain countries may ask for more information than necessary, while others tend not to ask questions or give much feedback. Modify your communication in these situations to be most efficient. If you are communicating across multiple countries, make sure you adapt your message to the audience. For example, since some American English words are spelled differently in British English, it may be best to adapt to your audience by learning and using those words accordingly.

Learn at least one other language.

With an increasing trend towards globalization, multi-lingual people now have more of an advantage than ever before. International employers see effective communication across languages as an essential tool for success in the workplace. From building and nurturing relationships to achieving financial goals, having knowledge of another language up your sleeve can keep you competitive and open up opportunities in a global job market to help pave the way for your success.

Know the small local differences.

From different holidays, to time zones, to different country codes, discrepancies such as these can affect you every day in a global marketplace. Keep updated on world news and be sensitive when something is going on in another country with people you have contact with.

Prove your worth.

Sometimes, management may find that local teams are easier to manage and more effective than outsourcing. Be able to demonstrate your worth and show why the company is financially benefiting from your work. Understand the industry that you are in or trying to get into, and bring additional knowledge outside of just a job description.

Use these tips to create an advantage in a competitive job market, and more importantly, to build lasting relationships across the world. One of your most important resources is your network, so make sure that you are actively keeping in touch with those that you work well with, and continuing to put yourself out there as a global professional.


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